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0400115 pages
Dublin City and County: From Prehistory to Present
Inquest on Thos. Ashe. The Verdict of the Jury.
And Time Stood Still: A Pictorial History of Skibbereen and District.
The Geraldines and Medieval Ireland The Making of a Myth.
Rural Houses of the North of Ireland.
Luftwaffe Eagles Over Ireland The Story of German Air Crashes over Neutral Ireland 1940-1945
Whitehall Diary. Volume III.
Mullinahone : Its Heritage and History.
Harry. And you know if the Free State gets you it will be no flowers by request.
Beara In Irish History.
I die in a good cause.A study of Thomas Ashe idealist and revolutionary.
Thomas Davis and Young Ireland 1845 - 1945.
The Industrial Archaeology of Cork and Its Environs.
Knights Fees in Counties Wexford Carlow and Kilkenny.
0250152 pages
Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape
Neolithic Settlement in Ireland and Western Britain.
The British Army in Ulster.
Burke's Guide to Country Houses Volume 1 Ireland
Emergency Law in Ireland 1918 - 1925
Irish Ecclesiastical Architecture.
Arms Crisis Series Numbers 1 to 4.
Wexford A town and its landscape.
Leixlip, County Kildare Vol. 1.
Atlas of Cork City.
The Iveragh Peninsula. A Cultural Atlas of the Ring of Kerry.
Archaeological Survey of the Dingle Peninsula.
The Honourable The Irish Society and the Plantation of Ulster 1608 - 2000.
The Londonderry Plantation 1609-1914.
Tuairisg Oifigiuil (Official Report) For Periods 16th August, 1921, to 26th August, 1921, and 28th February, 1922, to 8th June, 1922, with Index.
Debates on Irish Affairs.
Debates on Irish Affairs.
Debates on Irish Affairs.
Debates on Irish Affairs.
The Shannon Navigation.
Dublin and the Sinn Fein Rising.
Dublin Brigade Review.
Elections, Ireland - 1833 - 8.
The Flames of Long Kesh 15-16 October, 1974 The Murder of Hugh Gerard Coney, Internee 6 November, 1974.
The RUC: The Black and Blue book.
General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland Based on the Census of Ireland for the Year 1851.
A Topographical Index of the Parishes and Townlands of Ireland in Sir William Petty's Mss. Barony Maps (c. 1655-9) (Bibliotheque Nationale Se Paris, Fonds Anglais, Nos. 1 & 2) and Hiberniae Delineatio (c. 1672).
The North Munster Project. Volume 1: The later prehistoric landscape of south-east Clare Volume 2: The prehistoric landscape of North Munster.
The Evolution of The Troubles 1970-72.
Irish Passage Graves. Neolithic tomb-builders in Ireland and Britain 2500BC.
Irish Medieval Figure Sculpture 1200 - 1600 Vols I & II.
The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland
The I.R.B. and the 1916 Rising.
Memoirs of a Revolutionary.
The Background of the Irish Republic.
Dublin An Urban History The Plan of the City.
Public Architecture in Ireland 1680-1760.
Exploring Limerick's Past. An Historical Geography of Urban Development in County and City.
Diarmuid O'Donnabain Rosa 1831-1915. Souvenir of Public Funeral to Glasnevin Cemetery Dublin, August 1st 1915.
Defending Ireland. The Irish State and its Enemies since 1922.
The Wolfe Tone Annual 1932 to 1962.
Emergency Law in Independent Ireland 1922 - 1948.
The Iveragh Peninsula. An Archaeological Survey of South Kerry.
Council Books of the Corporation of Waterford 1662-1700 together with nine documents of 1580-82.
Freedom Struggle.
Nationalism and Socialism in twentieth century Ireland.
The Castles of Connacht; The Castles of Leinster; The Castles of North Munster; The Castles of South Munster; The Castles of Ulster.
Violence and Civil Disturbances in Northern Ireland in 1969 Report of Tribunal of Inquiry Volume 1 and 2.
Celtic Leinster towards an historical geography of early Irish Civilization A.D. 500-1600.
Survey of the Megalithic Tombs of Ireland Vol.1 to Vol.6.
A Proud History gives Confidence of Victory. Sinn Fein 1905-1956.
The Irish Convention and Sinn Fein.
02001113 pages
Shapes of Ireland Maps and their makers 1564 - 1839
The Story of the Irish Society.
Ireland The Politics of Enmity 1789-2006.
An Ascendancy Army. The Irish Yeomanry 1796-1834.
The Passing of the Irish Act of Union. A Study in Parliamentary Politics.
A History of the Irish Soldier.
From Carnac to Callanish. The Prehistoric Stone Rows and Avenues of Britain, Ireland and Brittany.
The Stone Circles of Britain Ireland and Brittany.
South Tipperary 1570 - 1841: Religion, Land & Rivalry.
The Great Parchment Book of Waterford.
Surviving the Tudors The 'Wizard' Earl of Kildare and English Rule in Ireland, 1537-1586.
Ireland from the Flight of the Earls to Grattan's Parliament; Ireland from Grattan's Parliament to the Great Famine; Ireland from the Great Famine to the Treaty of 1921.
Granuaile The Life and Times of Grace O'Malley c1530-1603.
Prelude to Restoration in Ireland.
The Old English in Ireland 1625-42.
Surveying Ireland's Past: Multidisciplinary Essays in Honour of Anngret Simms.
Irish Exchequer Payments 1270-1446.
Contested Island Ireland 1460-1630.
Divided Kingdom Ireland 1630-1800.
Henry VII's Relations with Scotland and Ireland 1485-1498.
The Irish Catholic Confederacy and the Puritan Revolution.
Napper Tandy.
Insurgent Wicklow 1798.
Review of the Civil Wars in Ireland.
Irish Historical Documents 1172-1922.
History of Ireland.
The Speeches of the Right Honourable John Philpot Curran edited with memoir and historical notices.
The Life of Michael Dwyer with some account of his companions.
The Wexford Rising in 1798. Its causes and its course.
The Williamite War in Ireland 1688-1691.
The Third Earl of Leitrim.
Counter-Terrorist Law and Emergency Powers in the United Kingdom 1922-2000.
Lordship in Medieval Ireland Image and Reality.
The Siege of Derry in 1689 as set forth in the literary remains of Colonel the Rev. Geogre Walker D.D.
The Succession, Bye and Main Plots of 1601-1603.
Wolfe Tone Prophet of Irish Independence.
The Bloody Bridge and Other Papers relating to the Insurrection of 1641.
DeCourcy Anglo-Normans in Ireland, England and France in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries.
The Sieges of Limerick 1690-91. A narrative based on contemporary sources.
English Lordship in Ireland 1318 - 1361.
The Annals of Connacht (A.D. 1224-1544).
The English in Ireland in the Eighteenth Century.
History of the Commonwealth and Protectorate 1649-1656.
The Courts, Crime and the Criminal Law in Ireland 1692-1760.
A Jacobite Narrative of the War in Ireland 1688-1691.
Documents relating to Ireland 1795 - 1804.
The Manuscripts of the Marquis of Ormonde, preserved at The Castle, Kilkenny.
A History of the Siege of Derry and Defence of Enniskillen in 1688-9.
The Fortunes of a Norman Family. The de Verduns in England, Ireland and Wales 1066 - 1316.
John Philpot Curran.
Elizabethan Ulster.
History of the Irish Insurrection of 1798.
Sir Walter Ralegh in Ireland.
Ireland and Spain in the Reign of Philip II.
The Macdonnells of Antrim.
Letters and Papers relating to the Irish Rebellion between 1642-1646.
A History of the Legislative Union of Great Britain and Ireland.
Early Irish Kingship and Succession.
Strafford in Ireland 1633-41.
Proceedings of the Irish House of Lords 1771-1800. [Volume I 1771-1788; Volume II 1789-1795; Volume III 1796-1800].
The Medieval Castle in Ireland and Wales.
With Essex in Ireland.
Confederate Catholics at War 1641-1649.
Medieval Ireland The Barryscourt Lectures I-X.
The Fall of Parnell 1890-91.
The Manor in Medieval and Early Modern Ireland.
Medieval Ireland Territorial, Political and Economic Divisions.
Catholic Revival in the North of Ireland 1603-41.
The Stuart Kingdoms in the Seventeenth Century.
'98 in Carlow.
Irish History from Contemporary Sources 1509-1610.
History of the Irish Rebellion in 1798, with Memoirs of the Union and Emmett's Insurrection in 1803.
The Irish Militia 1793-1816. A Social and Military Study.
Manx Kingship in its Irish Sea Setting 1187-1229. King Rognvaldr and the Crovan Dynasty.
The Irish Administration 1801-1914.
Anglo-Norman Ulster The History and Archaeology of an Irish Barony 1177-1400.
The Fate and Fortunes of the Earls of Tyrone and Tyrconnel.
The History of Ireland from the Treaty of Limerick to the Present Time. Volume I and II.
The History of Ireland. Volume I, II, III, IV.
Historical Sketch of the Persecutions Suffered by the Catholics of Ireland under the rule of Cromwell and the Puritans.
The Ulster Clans.
The Politics of Repeal. A Study in the Relations between Great Britain and Ireland 1841-50.
Owen Roe O'Neill.
Stuart Ireland Catholic and Puritan.
History of the Irish People 2 Volumes.
Aftermath. Post-Rebellion Insurgency in Wicklow.
The Rebellion in Wicklow 1798.
Sidney State Papers 1565-70.
From Rath Maolain to Rome.
Ireland under the Normans 1169-1333.
Kingdoms in Crisis Ireland in the 1640s.
A Census of Ireland circa 1659 with essential materials from the Poll Money Ordinances 1660 - 1661.
The Outbreak of the Irish Rebellion of 1641.
Londonderry and the London Companies being a survey and other documents submitted to King Charles I by Sir Thomas Phillips.
Medieval Trim History and Archaeology.
An Historical Narrative of the origin and constitution of "The Society of the Governor and Assistants, London, of the new plantation in Ulster, within the realm of Ireland" commonly called The Honourable the Irish Society; together with Memoranda of Principal Occurrences.
The Irish Parliament in the Middle Ages.
Orangeism in Ireland and Britain 1795-1836.
Orangeism in Ireland and Throughout the Empire. Vol I & II.
Kinsale The Spanish Intervention in Ireland at the End of the Elizabethan Wars.
Jacobite Ireland.
The Irish Society 1613-1963.
Map-making, Landscapes and Memory. A Geography of Colonial and Early Modern Ireland c. 1530-1750.
Court of Claims. Submissions and Evidence 1663.
Maps of the Roads of Ireland.
History of the Irish Rebellion of 1798: A Personal Narrative; Sequel to Personal Narrative of the Irish Rebellion.
The Walled Towns of Ireland Volumes 1 and 2.
The Irish Commission of 1622. An Investigation of the Irish Administration 1615-22 and its Consequences 1623-24.
Unionist Demonstration Dublin 28th Nov. 1913.
The Vikings in Ireland. Settlement, trade and urbanization.
Patrick Sarsfield and the Williamite War.
Cromwell in Ireland.
History of Sligo County and Town, from the Accession of James I to the revolution of 1688 with Illustrations from Original Drawings and Plans.
0050154 pages
Armagh History and Society
The Framework of Home Rule.
Clare History and Society.
Arthur Griffith.
Through Streets Broad & Narrow A History of Dublin Trams.
Cork History and Society.
Sir Roger Casement's Diaries "His Mission to Germany and the Findlay Affair".
Derry & Londonderry History and Society
The Sheehy Skeffington Case
Donegal History and Society
Down History and Society.
Early Life of Eamonn deValera.
Fermanagh History and Society.
The Irish Land Act, 1903 Explained with the full text of the Act, Tables & c.
Revolutionary Lawyers Sinn Fein and Crown Courts in Ireland and Britain 1916-1923.
The Anglo-Irish Treaty.
Galway History and Society.
Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution.
The Ecclesiastical Review on Morality of Hunger-Strike.
Green against Green. The Irish Civil War.
Sir Edward Carson. A Dream Too Far.
Kilkenny History and Society.
Tom Clarke and the Irish Freedom Movement.
The Crime against Europe. Writings and Poems of Roger Casement.
Last Words. Letters and statements of the leaders executed after the Rising at Easter 1916.
The Forged Casement Diaries.
The Howth Gun-Running 1914.
With de Valera in America.
Kevin O'Higgins. Builder of the Irish State.
Sir Roger Casement's Heart of Darkness. The 1911 Document.
Speeches and Statements by Eamon deValera 1917-1973.
The British Military Dilemma in Ireland Occupation Politics 1886-1914.
Revolutionary Ireland and its Settlement.
The Last Post. The Details and Stories of Republican Dead 1913/1975.
National Organisations in Ireland. Their Origin, Development, and Aims.
Handbook of the Ulster Question.
The Irish Revolution and how it came about.
Revolutionary Underground. The Story of the Irish Republican Brotherhood 1858-1924.
No other law.
Seventy-Seven of Mine Said Ireland.
Offaly History and Society.
No Surrender Here! The Civil War Papers of Ernie O'Malley 1922-1924.
A Popular and Complete Edition of the Parnell Commission Report with full index and notes.
The Rising. The Complete Story of Easter Week.
Unique Dictator.
Culture and Society in Early Modern Breifne/Cavan.
The Black Diaries. An account of Roger Casement's life and times with a collection of his diaries and public writings.
The Black Diaries. An account of Roger Casement's life and times with a collection of his diaries and public writings.
Gun Running for Casement.
Tipperary History and Society.
Portrait of a Revolutionary. General Richard Mulcahy and the founding of the Irish Free State.
Constance de Markievicz. In the cause of Ireland.
Alexander Nimmo. Master Engineer 1783-1832 Public Works and Civil Surveys.
The Chronicle of Ireland 1584-1608 by Sir James Perrott.
0000132 pages
Cromwellian Ireland English Government and Reform in Ireland 1649-1660
Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone Memoirs, journals and political writings, compiled and arranged by William T.W. Tone, 1826.
Settlement and Society in Medieval Ireland. Studies presented to Francis Xavier Martin o.s.a.
Capuchin Annual
The Council Book for the Province of Munster c. 1599-1649.
Calendar of State Papers Ireland Tudor Period 1566-1567
The Anglo-Norman Advance into the South-West Midlands of Ireland 1185-1221.
Restoration Ireland Always Settling and Never Settled
Roger Casement. The Black Diaries with a study of his background, sexuality, and Irish political life.
Northern Ireland: A Role for the United States?
Politics & Irish Life 1913-21. Provincial experience of war and revolution.
The Priory of Llanthony Prima and Secunda in Ireland, 1172-1541 Lands, patronage and politics.
Fenians and Anglo-American Relations during Reconstruction.
The Roman Catholic Church and the Emergence of the Modern Irish Political System 1874-1878.
Limerick History and Society.
Letter-book of the Earl of Clanrickarde 1643-47
Plantation Ireland Settlement and Material Culture, c. 1550-c. 1700
The Archaeology of Ulster. From Colonization to Plantation.
A New History of Ireland Volume III. Early Modern Ireland 1534-1691
The Bishopric of Derry and the Irish Society of London, 1602 - 1705 Vol. II: 1670-1705.
Black '47 Britain and the Famine Irish.
Dublin Castle and the 1916 Rising.
The Prime Informer. A suppressed scandal.
Tomas MacCurtain. Soldier and Patriot.
The Golden Vale of Ivowen between Slievenamon and Suir.
In the wake of the Great Rebellion Republicanism, Agrarianism and Banditry in Ireland after 1798.
Uncovering Medieval Trim. Archaeological excavations in and around Trim.
Rebel Cork's Fighting Story from 1916 to the Truce with Britain.
North Munster Studies Essays in Commemoration of Monsignor Michael Moloney.
The Civil Survey 1654-1656. Volume I. County of Tipperary Eastern and Southern Baronies Volume II. County of Tipperary Western and Northern Baronies with the Return of crown and church lands for the whole county.
A New History of Ireland. Ancillary Publications. Volume II. Irish Historical Statistics Population 1821-1971.
Two Lands on One Soil Ulster Politics before Home Rule.
0150189 pages
The Reality of the Anglo-Irish War 1920-21 in West Cork
Kilkenny Through the Centuries Chapters in the history of an Irish city
The Continuity of the Irish Revolutionary Movement.
Irish Parliamentary Politics in the Eighteenth Century Volume I 1714-1730 & Volume II 1730-1760.
Some Poems of Roger Casement
Military Rule in Ireland.
Political Ideas in Eighteenth Century Ireland.
The Phoenix Park Murders. Conflict, Compromise & Tragedy in Ireland 1879-1882
Calendar of State Papers Ireland Tudor Period 1568-1571
The United Irishmen. Popular Politics in Ulster and Dublin 1791-1798.
Coercian and Conciliation in Ireland 1880 - 1892. A Study in Conservative Unionism
Protestant Society and Politics in Cork 1812-1844.
Ireland's Case against Conscription.
A Personal Narrative of the Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood.
Recollections of an Irish Rebel.
Revolt in the North Antrim and Down in 1798.
Striking Events in Irish History.
Dublin Mansion House Committee. The Irish Crisis of 1879-80. Proceedings of the Mansion House Relief Committee.
Dublin's Fighting Story 1916-21.
The League of North and South. An Episode in Irish History 1850 -1854.
Young Ireland. A fragment of Irish History 1840-1845.
The I.R.A. Coventry Explosion of 1939 (Trial of Peter Barnes and Others).
The Economic Case for Irish Independence.
The Historic Case for Irish Independence.
A State under Siege. The Establishment of Northern Ireland 1920-1925.
Days of Fear.
The Plan of Campaign 1886-1891.
Edmund Burke and Ireland.
Famine, Land and Politics British Government and Irish Society 1843-50.
The Government of Ireland.
Arthur Griffith. A Study of the Founder of Sinn Fein.
Young Ireland and 1848.
Report of the Irish Boundary Commission.
A Record of Coercion. Votes of Irish Members for the enlightenment of Irish Electors
The Mutilation of a Nation. The Story of the Partition of Ireland.
The Home Rule Instalment Bill and its rejection by Home Rulers.
Debate on the Treaty between Great Britain and Ireland signed in London on the 6th December 1921.
Colonel Edward Saunderson. Land and Loyalty in Victorian Ireland.
The Rise of the United Irishmen 1791-94.
The Work of the Irish Leagues. The Speech of the Right Hon. Sir Henry James, Q.C., M.P., replying in The Parnell Commission Inquiry.
Graziers, Land Reform and Political Conflict in Ireland.
Kerry's Fighting Story 1916-21.
This Great Calamity The Irish Famine 1845-52.
Limerick's Fighting Story 1916-21.
Gladstone, Home Rule and The Ulster Question 1882-98.
John Dillon. A Biography.
The Life of William O'Brien.
The Life of William O'Brien.
The Scholar Revolutionary. Eoin MacNeill 1867-1945 and the Making of the New Ireland.
War by the Irish.
Resistance The Story of the struggle in British-Occupied Ireland.
Redmond The Parnellite.
Freemasonry in Ulster 1733-1813.
Thomas Davis & Ireland.
The Dublin Region in the Middle Ages. Settlement, Land-use and Economy.
Memoirs of the Irish Rebellion of 1798.
The Republic of Ireland.
The Catholic Church and Ireland in the Age of Rebellion 1859-1873.
Devoy's Post Bag 1871-1928 Volume I 1871-1880; Volume II 1880-1928.
Fenian Fever. An Anglo-American Dilemma.
British High Politics and a Nationalist Ireland : Criminality Land and the Law under Forster and Balfour.
Casement Slanders Refuted.
The Parnell Movement.
Step by Step. From the Republic Back into the Empire.
Robert Emmet and the Rebellion of 1798.
Robert Emmet and the Rebellion of 1803.
Catholic Emancipation. Daniel O'Connell and the birth of Irish Democracy.
A History of Ireland under the Union 1801-1922.
The Young Irelanders. Davis Centenary Edition.
The Secret Societies of Ireland.
History of Waterford City and County.
A Provisional Dictator. James Stephens and the Fenian Movement.
The Catholic Emancipation Crisis in Ireland 1823-29.
The Fenian Chief. A Biography of James Stephens.
The Phoenix Flame.
Fenian Memories.
Home Rule Finance. An Examination of the Financial hearings of the Government of Ireland Bill, 1912.
A Trinity of Martyrs.
Shaw's Authenticated Report of the Irish State Trials 1844.
From Kings to Warlords : The Changing Political Structure of Gaelic Ireland in the Later Middle Ages.
British Militarism As I Have Known It.
Isaac Butt and Home Rule.
The War of Independence in Limerick 1912-1921.
Treaty of Peace with Germany. Hearings before the Committee on Foreign Relations United States Senate Sixty-Sixth Congress First Session Part 17.
The Truth about the Army Crisis (Official) with a foreword by Major-General Liam Tobin.
The Irish National Invincibles and their times.
The Independent Irish Party 1850-9.
With the IRA in the Fight for Freedom 1919 to the Truce The Red Path of Glory.
The American Commission on Conditions in Ireland. Interim Report.
0350117 pages
Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone Memoirs, journals and political writings, compiled and arranged by William T.W. Tone, 1826.
The Corpus of Late Celtic Hanging-Bowls With an account of the bowls found in Scandinavia by Sheila Raven.
The Capuchin Annual 1966-1972
The Capuchin Annual 1966
Cavan History & Society.
IDiocese of Meath Ancient and Modern.
The Landscape of Slieve Bloom A Study of Its Natural and Human Heritage.
An Archaeological Survey of County Fermanagh.
Longford History & Society.
The Lansdowne Estate in Kerry under W.S. Trench 1849-72.
Mayo History & Society.
Irish Midland Studies Essays in Commemoration of N W English.
A New History of Ireland
Stradbally na DĂ©ise.
The Caves of North-West Clare, Ireland.
Waterford History and Society.
Wexford History and Society.
0100144 pages
Michael Collins and the Making of a New Ireland
The Road to Crossbarry. The Decisive Battle of the War of Independence
Carson's Army The Ulster Volunteer Force, 1910-22.
The War in Clare 1911-1921
The Factory of Gievances. Devolved Government in Northern Ireland 1921 - 39
The Easter Rebellion.
A Guide to the Georgian Buildings of Britain & Ireland
The Liffey in Dublin.
Towards Ireland Free. The West Cork Brigade in the War of Independence 1917-1921
1916 The Easter Rising.
James Connolly. The Forerunner.
The History of the Irish Citizen Army.
Thomas Johnson.
Government of Ireland Act, 1920.
The Irish Transport and General Workers' Union. The Formative Years.
The Life and Times of James Connolly.
Calendar of inquisitions formerly in the office of the Chief Remembrancer of the Exchequer prepared from the MSS of the Irish Record Commission.
The Great Fraud of Ulster.
Home Rule Notes 1911-1912 Volume I December 1911 - November 1912.
Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson. A Political Soldier.
The Anglo-Irish War, 1916-1921. A People's War.
James Larkin 1876-1947 Irish Labour Leader.
Episode at Easter
Intelligence Notes 1913-16.
The Irish Convention 1917-18.
Dublin 1916.
William O'Brien 1881-1968.
The Attempt to Smash the Irish Transport and General Workers Union.
James Connolly, "A Full Life".
The Making of 1916. Studies in the history of the Rising.
The Chief Secretary. Augustine Birrell in Ireland.
The Gates Flew Open
Tomas MacCurtain. Soldier and Patriot.
The Soldier's Story of Easter Week.
The Irish Free State and its Senate.
The Revolution in Ireland 1906 - 1923.
Report of the Labour Commission to Ireland.
Under the Starry Plough. Recollections of the Irish Citizen Army.
Mutiny at the Curragh.
Assassination The Death of Sir Henry Wilson and the Tragedy of Ireland.
Home Rule Problems.
Report of the Irish White Cross to 31st August 1922.
Disturbed Dublin The Story of the Great Strike.
0300115 pages
1641 Depositions Volume I Armagh, Louth & Monaghan.
1641 Depositions Volume II Cavan & Fermanagh.
1641 Depositions Volume III Antrim, Derry, Donegal, Down & Tyrone.
The Western Stone Forts Project - Excavations at Dun Aonghasa and Dun Eoghanachta Vols I & II.
Northern Ireland 1968-1973 A Chronology of Events.
People at War.
Bombs and Their Reverberations with a consideration upon recent sentences.
The Wall Family in Ireland 1170-1970.
The Battle of Bogside.
The Writings of Theobald Wolfe Tone 1763-98.
Report of a Commission of Inquiry appointed to examine the purpose and effect of the Civil Authorities (Special Powers) Acts (Northern Ireland) 1922 & 1933.
War, Politics and the Irish of Leinster 1156-1606.
History of the Irish Brigades in the service of France.
Tomas MacCurtain.
War and Politics in Ireland, 1649-1730.
Periodicals43 pages
Archaeology Ireland
Archaeology Ireland Heritage Guide
Bantry Historical and Archaeological Society Journal
Bulletin of the Irish Georgian Society
Cathair na Mart Journal of Westport Historical Society
The Catholic Bulletin
Decies Journal of the Waterford Archaeological and Historical Society
Donegal Annual
Dublin Historical Record Published by the Old Dublin Society
Duiche Neill
Eighteenth-Century Ireland
Familia Ulster Genealogical Review
The Glynns
Historical Studies
History Ireland
In the Shadow of the Steeple
Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies
Irish Historical Studies
Irish Studies in International Affairs
The Irish Sword. The Journal of the Military History Society of Ireland
Journal of The Bannow Historical Society
Journal of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society
Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society
Journal of the Economic and Social History Society of Ireland
Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society
Journal of the Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society
Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
Kenmare Journal. A Bridge To The Past
Mayo Abbey Parish Magazine
Old Kilkenny Review
The Old Limerick Journal
Ossory, Laois and Leinster
Seancas Ardmaca
Taghmon Historical Society
Tipperary Historical Journal
Ulster Journal of Archaeology. Third Series
Ulster Local Studies
The Troubles
Mizen Journal
Bantry Historical and Archaeological Society Journal1 page
Bantry Historical and Archaeological Society Journal
Breifne2 pages