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9961 Jean Agnew & Maria Luddy. The Drennan McTier Letters 1794-1801 Volume 2. Irish Manuscripts Commission. 1999. Paperback. €20.00

9402 Anglim, Paul. Saoirse. The Askeaton-Ballysteen Story 1798-1921. Coiste na Saoirse. 2016. Paperback. €20.00

8041 Ball, Francis Elrington. Howth and Its Owners Being the Fifth Part of a History of County Dublin and an Extra Volume of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. University Press. 1917. Hardcover. €75.00

9901 Barrow, G.L. The Emergence of the Irish Banking System 1820- 45. Gill and Macmillan. 1975. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €15.00

8701 Bennett, Isabel (Ed.). Excavations 2004 Summary accounts of archaeological excavations in Ireland. Wordwell. 2007. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €10.00

9212 Borgonovo, John. Spies, Informers and the 'Anti-Sinn Féin Society' The Intelligence War in Cork City 1920-1921. Irish Academic Press. 2007. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €50.00

9019 Boydell, Brian. A Dublin Musical Calendar 1700-1760. Irish Academic Press. 1988. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €30.00

8471 Branagan, Michael. Dublin Moving East 1708-1844. How the city took over the sea. Wordwell. 2020. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €25.00

9219 Andrew Brasier & John Kelly. Harry Boland A Man Divided. New Century Publishing Ltd. 2000. Paperback. €20.00

7909 Fergal Browne, Eileen McGough & Lesley Roberts. Tracton Where the Abbey Lies Low. Knocknamanagh Old School. 2007. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €40.00

9233 Victor M. Buckley & P. David Sweetman. Archaeological Inventory of County Louth. Stationery Office. 1991. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €30.00

8794 Burton, Nathaniel. Letters from Harold's Cross 1850. Carraig Books. 1979. Paperback. €20.00

6544 Canea, The Bishop of. A Short History of Some Dublin Parishes Part VII: Parish of St. Andrew. Blackrock Printers. n.d. Pamphlet. €2.50

6547 Canea, The Bishop of. A Short History of Some Dublin Parishes Part X: Parishes of St. Paul, Arran Quay and Holy Family, Aughrim Street. Blackrock Printers. n.d. Pamphlet. €2.50

6371 The Capuchin Annual 1964. Paperback. €10.00

6373 The Capuchin Annual 1976. Paperback. €10.00

9521 Carville, Geraldine. Baltinglass Abbey of the Three Rivers. Bolton Abbey, Moone and the West Wicklow Historical Society. 1984. Paperback. €30.00

9525 Cassidy, Patrick. Virginia a portrait Celebrating 400 years 1612-2012. Virginia 400 Committee. 2012. Paperback. €10.00

5994 Richard R. Cherry & T. Henry Maxwell. The Irish Land Acts, 1903 and 1904 together with the Rules and Forms issued thereunder, a table of purchase annuities, and list of congested districts, being a supplement to Cherry's Irish Land Law and Land Purchase Acts, 1860 to 1901, edited with Notes of Cases decided under each Section and Rule. John Falconer. 1906. Hardcover. €20.00

10689 Clarke, M.V. Register of the Priory of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Tristernagh. Irish Manuscripts Commission. 1941. Hardcover. €60.00

6596 Clarke, R. S. J. (compiled by). Gravestone Inscriptions County Down Volume 9 Baronies of Lecale and Kinelarty. Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation. 1972. Paperback. €10.00

6474 [Cork Interest] Blackpool Rare & Recent Photographs. Blackpool Historical Society. 2001. Paperback. €20.00

8475 Coulter, Rev. J.A. The History of the Parish of Glendermott. 1958. Paperback. €30.00

8088 Crowe, W. Haughton. In Banbridge Town A History of Banbridge Academy, and of the social circumstances that led to its Foundation. William Mullan & Son Ltd. 1964. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €25.00

9895 Crowley, Jerry. Basin at the Broad-stone. The Blessington Street Basin 1807-1994. Broadstone Press. c.1994. Pamphlet €15.00

9989 Dr. Edward Culleton & Rosemary Buckley. A Man with a Mission Dr. Tom Walsh. Harnessing the Power of Science for Irish Agriculture. Small Acre Press. 2021. Paperback €20.00

9893 Davis, Richard. William Smith O'Brien: Ireland - 1848 - Tasmania. Geography Publications. 1989. Paperback. €25.00

7253 Angelique Day & Patrick McWilliams. Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland Volume 27: Parishes of Co. Londonderry VIII 1830, 1833-7, 1839 East Londonderry. Institute of Irish Studies. 1994. Paperback. €10.00

9729 Angelique Day & Patrick McWilliams. Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland Volume 40: Counties of South Ulster 1834-8 Cavan, Leitrim, Louth, Monaghan and Sligo. Institute of Irish Studies. 1998. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

8709 [Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government]. Earthen Banks and Broken Walls: Our Legacy of Ancient Monuments. Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. n.d. Leaflet. €0.50

5250 Dorney, John. The Civil War in Dublin: The Fight for the Irish Capital, 1922-1924. Merrion Press. 2017. Paperback. €12.00

10424 Dorr, Noel. The Search for Peace in Northern Ireland. Sunningdale. Royal Irish Academy. 2017. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

7818 Drummond, William Hamilton. The Giants' Causeway, A Poem. Joseph Smyth. 1811. Hardcover. €50.00

5271 Dudley Edwards, Ruth. The Seven: The Lives and Legacies of the Founding Fathers of the Irish Republic. Oneworld Publications. 2016. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €10.00

5029 [Easter 1916]. The 1916 Rising (Eiri Amach 1916). An Post. 2006. First Day Cover. €10.00

9953 Fahy, Mary de Lourdes. Kiltartan: Many Leaves, One Root - A History of the Parish of Kiltartan. The Kiltartan Gregory Cultural Society. 2004. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €50.00

10239 Fanning, Tim. Don Juan O'Brien. An Irish adventurer in nineteenth-century South America. Cork University Press. 2020. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €25.00

7819 Fitz-Patrick, William J. The "Sham Squire" and the informers of 1798: with jottings about Ireland a century ago. Third Edition. M.H. Gill and Son, Ltd. c.1895. Hardcover. €50.00

5917 Eugene Gillen & Frank Hurley. Round and About Kinsale and the Courcies. 1978. Pamphlet. €10.00

8306 Greaves, C Desmond. Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution. Lawrence and Wishart Ltd. 1987. Paperback. €20.00

7175 Gregory, Vere. The House of Gregory. Browne and Nolan. 1943. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

10385 Gwynn, Denis. Young Ireland and 1848. Cork University Press. 1949. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €40.00

9193 Harrington, Niall C. Kerry Landing: August 1922: An Episode of the Civil War. Anvil Books. 1995. Paperback. €15.00

10690 Hayes-McCoy, G.A. Index to the Compossicion Booke of Conought, 1585. Irish Manuscripts Commission. 1942. Hardcover. €50.00

5565 Jordan, Anthony J. Maud Gonne's Men. Westport Books. 2018. Paperback. €15.00

5512 Joyce, P. W. Irish Local Names Explained. Fred Hanna Ltd. 1979. Paperback. €7.50

10625 Kelly, Patrick Hyde. William Molyneux's The Case of Ireland's Being Bound by Acts of Parliament in England, Stated. A critical edition with introduction and notes by Patrick Hyde Kelly. Irish Legal History Society. 2018. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €25.00

8388 Kleinrichert, Denise. Republican Internment and the Prison Ship Argenta 1922. Irish Academic Press. 2001. Paperback. €15.00

9061 Larkin, Michael. Mullinahone : Its Heritage and History. Michael Larkin. 2002. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €60.00

9738 Leslie, Rev. James B. History of Kilsaran. Dundalgan Press. 1986. Hardcover. €40.00

10635 Litton, Helen. The World War II Years: The Irish Emergency An Illustrated History. Wolfhound Press. 2001. Paperback. €10.00

10677 Lowe, John. Letter-book of the Earl of Clanrickarde 1643-47. Irish Manuscripts Commission. 1983. Hardcover. €60.00

9277 Mac Piarais, Pádraic. An Ṁáṫair agus Sgéalta eile. The Dundalgan Press. 1916. Hardcover. €150.00

4310 MacBride, Maud Gonne. A Servant of the Queen. Colin Smythe Ltd. 1994. Paperback. €15.00

6745 Marshall, Louise H. National Myth and Imperial Fantasy. Representations of Britishness on the Early Eighteenth-Century Stage. palgrave macmillan. 2008. Hardcover. €10.00

5694 Martin, Michael. RMS Lusitania: It Wasn't & It Didn't. The History Press. 2014. Paperback. €10.00

4497 McGarry, Fearghal. The Rising: Ireland: Easter 1916. Oxford University Press. 2011. Paperback. €10.00

5102 Grant McKee & Ros Franey. Timebomb: Irish Bombers, English Justice and the Guildford Four. Bloomsbury Publishing. 1988. Paperback. €7.50

8237 McKenna, Rachel. Flights of Fancy – Follies, Families and Demesnes in Offaly. Offaly County Council. 2017. Hardcover. €30.00

10370 McNally, Michael. Ireland 1649-52. Cromwell's Protestant Crusade. Osprey Publishing Ltd. 2009. Paperback. €15.00

9683 McNeill, T.E. Carrickfergus Castle. Her Majesty's Stationery Office. 1981. Hardcover. €25.00

4787 Arthur Mitchell & Páldraig Ó Snodaigh. Irish Political Documents 1916-1949. Irish Academic Press. 1985. Paperback. €20.00

8417 T.W. Moody & W.E. Vaughan. A New History of Ireland. Volume IV. Eighteenth Century Ireland 1691-1800. Oxford University Press. 1986. Hardcover c/w Dust jacket. €125.00

9018 Murphy OSB, Brian P. Glenstal Abbey Gardens. Papaver Editions. 2014. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

10666 Ted Nealon & Séamus Brennan. Nealon's Guide to the 22nd Dáil and Seanad. Platform Press. 1981. Paperback. €10.00

9864 Ní Cheannain, Áine. The Heritage of Mayo. Foilseacháin Náisiúnta Teoranta. 1982. Paperback. €15.00

4948 O'Broin, Leon. Dublin Castle and the 1916 Rising. Helicon. 1971. Paperback. €5.00

8193 Ó Broin, León. Protestant Nationalists in Revolutionary Ireland: The Stopford Connection. Gill and Macmillan. 1985. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €30.00

8394 Ó Conchúir, M.F. O Conor Corcomroe: A Bilingual History. 1996. Paperback. €10.00

10684 Ó Donnchadha, Thadhg. Leabhar Cloinne Aodha Buidhe. Irish Manuscripts Commission. 1931. Hardcover. €50.00

5292 O'Donoghue, Brendan. Activities Wise and Otherwise: The Career of Sir Henry Augustus Robinson, 1898-1922. Irish Academic Press. 2015. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

8630 O’Donovan, John. Editor. Letters Containing information relative to the Antiquities of the County of Dublin. Collected during the progress of the Ordnance Survey in 1837. Facsimile reprint of the Bray edition (1927) which was limited to 75 copies. Quarter buckram on paper boards. €100.00

4917 [O'Donovan Rossa] Diarmuid O'Donnaḃain Rosa 1831-1915. Souvenir of Public Funeral to Glasnevin Cemetary Dublin, August 1st 1915 with Second Edition. Glasnevin Trust/Irish Government. 2015. Pamphlet. €25.00

9894 [O'Donovan Rossa] O'Donovan Rossa "The Hawk o' the Hill-top". Skibbereen Famine Committee. 2003. Pamphlet. €15.00

10688 Ó hInnse, Séamus. Miscellaneous Irish Annals (A.D. 1114-1437). Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. 1947. Hardcover. €40.00

6841 Séamas Ó Maitiú & Barry O'Reilly. Ballyknockan: A Wicklow Stonecutters' Village. The Woodfield Press. 1997. Paperback. €20.00

9263 O'Neill, C.P. History of Dromiskin Darver Parish. Annaverna Press. 1984. Paperback. €30.00

9267 Ó Néill, John. Belfast Battalion A History of the Belfast I.R.A. Litter Press. 2018. Paperback. €25.00

9264 O'Reilly, J.J. The History of Breifne O'Reilly. Vantage Press. 1976. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €100.00

9037 O'Riordan, Ed. Dominus Vobiscum. A History of St. Mary's Church Clogheen 150th Anniversary 2014. V. Rev. Patrick J. Butler. 2014. Paperback. €10.00

6348 Ó Tuathaigh, Gearóid. The GAA & Revolution in Ireland 1913-1923. The Collins Press. 2015. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €15.00

7166 Plunkett, Joseph M. The Poems of Joseph Mary Plunkett. Talbot Press. n.d. Hardcover. €25.00

10168 Reilly, Terry. Mayo's Forgotten Famine Girls - From Workhouse To Australia (1848-1850) & Convict Journal. Yew Plain Publishing. 2017. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €40.00

10886 Robinson, Philip. The Plantation of Ulster. Ulster Historical Foundation. 2000. Paperback. €15.00

9222 Ryan, A.P. Mutiny at the Curragh. Macmillan and Co. 1956. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €50.00

8998 Ryan, Brendan. The Dear Old Town. A history of Ferbane. White Grass Publications. 2002. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €60.00

8841 Ryan, Desmond. The Story of a Success by P.H. Pearse. Maunsel. 1917. Hardcover. €35.00

5097 Savage, Robert J. Seán Lemass. Historical Association of Ireland. 2014. Paperback. €10.00

5895 Scott, Ciara. Madame. Constance Gore Booth. Countess de Markievicz. Kilmainham Tales Teo. 2013. Pamphlet. €5.00

5670 Scoular, Clive. Eight Fearless Irishmen. Clive Scoular. 2011. Paperback. €10.00

9002 Stokes, Roy. U-Boat Alley: The U-Boat War in the Irish Channel During World War 1. Compuwreck. 2004. Paperback. €30.00

7430 [Treaty]. The Treaty and the Original Document No.2. Clauses set out for comparison. Those of Document No. 2 are the ORIGINAL CLAUSES, not those as revised by Mr. De Valera AFTER the treaty had been signed. Hardcover. €50.00

10665 White, Dr. Nora. Our Ancient Landscapes: Ogham Stones in Ireland. The Heritage Council. 2021. Pamphlet. €2.50

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