7309 Analecta Hibernica
Number 10 July 1941. €20.00
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Introduction iii
Guide to English Financial Records for Irish History 1461-1558, with Illustrative Extracts, 1461-1509 1
I. Anglo-Irish Financial Administration 3
II. Guide to English Financial Documents, 1461-1558 9
III. Extracts relating to Ireland, 1461-1509 17
IV. Further suggestions for printing or calendaring financial records, 1509-1558 68
The Bills and Statutes of the Irish Parliaments of Henry VII and Henry VIII 71
The Reportorium Viride of John Alen, Archbishop of Dublin, 1533 171
The Annals of Dudley Loftus 223
Applotment Books of St. Michan's, Dublin 239
George Clarke's Irish War Correspondence, 1690-91 245
The Adams Rental 251
O'Ferrall's Linea Antiqua 287
The Tithe Composition Applotment Books 293
"The Oldest Fragments of the Senchas Már" Addenda et Corrigenda 299
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