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4558 Francis Bamford & Viola Bankes. Vicious Circle: the case of the missing Irish Crown Jewels. Max Parrish. 1965. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

5480 Beaverbrook, Lord. The Decline and Fall of Lloyd George. Collins. 1963. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

7914 Beecher, Sean. The Story of Cork. Mercier Press. 1971. Paperback. €10.00

8719 Bennett, Isabel (Ed.). Excavations 2010 Summary accounts of archaeological excavations in Ireland. Wordwell. 2013. Paperback. €10.00

9007 Bilby, Joseph G. The Irish Brigade in the Civil War. The 69th New York and Other Irish Regiments of the Army of the Potomac. Combined Publishing. 1998. Paperback. €15.00

6491 Bourke, Edward J. Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast 1105-1993. Edward J. Bourke. 1994. Paperback. €10.00

4695 Brennan, Robert. Allegiance. Browne and Nolan. 1950. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €100.00

8476 Bryson, John G. The Streets of Derry (1625-2001). Guildhall Press. 2001. Paperback. €30.00

5908 Tom & Seamus Burnell The Wicklow War Dead. Nonsuch Publishing. 2009. Paperback. €10.00

4197 Carey, Tim. Mountjoy: The Story of a Prison. Collins Press. 2000. Paperback. €10.00

8601 Carney, James. A Genealogical History of the O'Reillys Written in the Eighteenth Century by Eóghan O Raghallaigh and Incorporating Portion of the Earlier Work of Dr. Thomas Fitzsimons, Vicar-General of the Diocese of Kilmore. An Cumann Sheanchais Bhreifne. 1959. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €150.00

4660 Casey, Brian. Lords, Land and Labourers: The Big Houses and Landed Estates of Royal Meath. The History Press Ireland. 2016. Paperback. €10.00

9074 Coonan, Thomas. The Irish Catholic Confederacy and the Puritan Revolution. Clonmore and Reynolds. 1954. Hardcover. €50.00

7087 Crosbie, Jane E.M. A Tour of Mid & South Down 1910-35. Friar's Bush Press. 1992. Paperback. €10.00

6565 Dargan, Vincent. The Falls. The People, The Community, The Memories. Blackstaff Press. 2013. Paperback. €10.00

8543 Gordon L. Herries Davies & R. Charles Mollan. Richard Griffith 1784-1878. Royal Dublin Society. 1980. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €30.00

7237 Angelique Day & Patrick McWilliams. Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland Volume 5: Parishes of County Tyrone I 1821, 1823,1831-36 North, West & South Tyrone. Institute of Irish Studies. 1990. Paperback. €15.00

6362 [de Cuellar, Francisco]. Spanish Armada: Illustrated Account of the Francisco de Cuellar Story from paintings and drawings by Bernard Mac Donagh. Sligo School of Landscape Painting. n.d. Pamphlet. €20.00

5093 Dennehy, John. In a Time of War: Tipperary 1914-1918. Merrion. 2013. Paperback. €10.00

8374 Desmond, Michael. Ballymacarbry & Fourmilewater 1650-1850. Michael Desmond. 2004. Paperback. €10.00

7778 [Donegal Interest]. Ardaghey Church and People. Ardaghey Parish Council. 1995. Paperback. €20.00

4847 [Easter 1916]. Easter Commemoration Digest. Centenary Edition 1916-2016. Graphic Publications. 2016. Paperback. €5.00

5897 edited by Richard English and Cormac O'Malley. Prisoners. The Civil War Letters of Ernie O'Malley. Poolbeg Press. 1991. Paperback. €10.00

8797 Farrell, Mary. Mullingar: Essays on the History of Midlands Town in the 19th Century. Westmeath County Library. 2002. Paperback. €20.00

4688 Fewer, Michael. The Wicklow Military Road. History and Topography. Ashfield Press. 2007. Paperback. €20.00

9284 Fitzgibbon, Elliot. Earl of Clare Mainspring of the Union. The Research Publishing Company. 1960. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

9268 Gillespie, Raymond. Colonial Ulster. The Settlement of East Ulster 1600-1641. Cork University Press. 1985. Hardcover. €50.00

6459 Raymond Gillespie & Harold O'Sullivan. The Borderlands: Essays on the History of the Ulster-Leinster Border. Institute of Irish Studies. 1989. Paperback. €10.00

8743 Green, E.R.R. The Industrial Archaeology of County Down. Her Majesty's Stationery Office. 1963. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

8362 Heney, Michael. The Arms Crisis of 1970. The Plot That Never Was. Head of Zeus. 2020. Paperback. €10.00

4979 Des Hickey & Gus Smith. Seven Days to Disaster: The Sinking of the Lusitania. Collins. 1981. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

4980 Mary Hoehling & A. A. Hoehling. The Last Voyage of the Lusitania. Bonanza Books. 1991. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €10.00

5995 Jackson, Alvin. Ireland, 1798-1998: Politics and War. Blackwell Publishing. 2003. Paperback. €12.50

9223 Jackson, Patrick N. Wyse. Science and Engineering in Ireland in 1798: a time of revolution. Royal Irish Academy . 2000. Paperback. €10.00

8373 Jackson, Victor. The Monuments in St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. St Patrick's Cathedral. 1987. Paperback. €10.00

8874 Jennings O.F.M., Brendan. Wadding Papers 1614-1638. Irish Manuscripts Commission. 1953. Hardcover. €100.00

9211 Johnston-Liik, Edith Mary. History of the Irish Parliament 1692-1800 Volumes I - VI. Ulster Historical Foundation. 2002. Paperback. €120.00

6836 Kane-Smith, George. Georgie's Causeway. A peopled history of the Giant's Causeway. 2012. Paperback. €20.00

8948 Kelly, Gerry. The Escape The Inside Story of the 1983 Escape from Long Kesh Prison. M&G Publications. 2013. Paperback. €30.00

7069 Lyng, Tom. Castlecomer Connections: Exploring History Geography and Social Evolution in North Kilkenny Environs. Castlecomer History Society. 1984. Hardcover. €100.00

5307 MacLellan, Anne. Dorothy Stopford Price: Rebel Doctor. Irish Academic Press. 2014. Paperback. €10.00

6423 Denis G. Marnane & Mary Guinan Darmody. County Tipperary 1917-1921 - a history in 80 documents. Tipperary County Council. n.d. Pamphlet. €5.00

8102 McCarthy, Pat. The Redmonds and Waterford A Political Dynasty, 1891-1952. Four Courts Press. 2018. Paperback. €20.00

5486 McCoole, Sinead. Passion and Politics: Sir John Lavery: The Salon Revisited. Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane. 2010. Paperback. €10.00

5352 McGee, Owen. Arthur Griffith. Merrion Press. 2015. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

8605 McKenna, Lambert. The Book of O'Hara Leabhar ĺ Eadhra. Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. 1951. Hardcover. €75.00

8817 McMenamin, Marc. Code Breaker. The untold story of Richard Hayes. The Dublin librarian who helped turn the tide of World War II. Gill Books. 2018. Paperback. €10.00

4546 McNamara, Conor. The Easter Rebellion 1916: A New Illustrated History. The Collins Press. 2015. Hardcover. €15.00

7773 Moore, Michael J., compiler. Archaeological Inventory of County Meath. The Stationery Office. 1987. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €30.00

6402 Mulcahy, Michael. A Short History of Kinsale. Cork Historical Guides Committee. 1966. Pamphlet. €10.00

5055 Murphy, Brian. Forgotten Patriot: Douglas Hyde and the Foundation of the Irish Presidency. Collins Press. 2016. Paperback. €10.00

8717 Murphy, Seán. Drumlish & Ballinamuck: Heritage & History - A North Longford Community. Drumlish Heritage and History Society. 2019. Hardcover. €25.00

4629 Murphy, T.W. Dublin After the Six Days Insurrection: Thirty-one Pictures from the Camera of Mr T W Murphy. Willow Design & Publishing. c.2015. Pamphlet. €5.00

6251 Ted Nealon & Seamus Brennan. Nealon's Guide 24th Dail & Seanad 2nd Election '82. Platform Press. 1983. Paperback. €5.00

8402 Needham, Richard. Battling for Peace. Northern Ireland's longest-serving British Minister. Blackstaff Press. 1998. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €15.00

5287 Neeson, Eoin. The Life and Death of Michael Collins. Mercier Press. 1968. Hardcover. €10.00

7935 [Northern Ireland]. Guide to Belfast and Northern Ireland including the Mourne Mountains, Carlingford Lough, The Antrim Coast, Armagh, Londonderry and the Erne Lakes with Plan of Belfast and Two District Maps (Eighth Edition). Ward, Lock & Co. Ltd. n.d. Hardcover. €25.00

8618 O'Brien, Ivar. O'Brien of Thomond The O'Briens in Irish History 1500-1865. Phillimore. 1986. Hardcover. €75.00

8603 O'Carroll, Gerald. The Pocket History of Kerry. Polymath Press. 2007. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €30.00

9280 O'Donovan Rossa. My Years in English Jails. Anvil Books. 1967. Paperback. €20.00

6751 O'Faolain, Sean. Constance Markievicz. Sphere Books. n.d. Paperback. €10.00

8239 O'Flanagan, Michael. The Great Book of Kilmainham. Riposte Books. c. 2015. Hardcover. €30.00

5700 O'Keeffe, Helene. To Speak of Easter Week: Family Memories of the Irish Revolution. Mercier Press. 2015. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €10.00

8034 O'Neill, Cathal. Cathal O'Neill's Dublin. Marino Books. 1998. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

8912 O'Regan, Finbarr. The Lamberts of Athenry. Finbarr O'Regan. 1999. Hardcover. €40.00

8287 Melanie O'Sullivan & Kevin McCarthy. Cappoquin A Walk Through History. n.d. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €65.00

8035 Plunkett, James (photography by Ian Finlay and Mike Bunn). Dublin. Dublin Corporation. 1976. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €15.00

6327 James Quinn & Patrick Maume. Ulster political lives 1886-1921. Royal Irish Academy. 2016. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00

7077 Quinn, Jim. Labouring Beside Lough Erne. A Study of the Fermanagh Labour Movement, 1826-1932. Fermanagh Council of Trade Unions. 2019. Paperback. €10.00

9087 Reilly, Tom. Cromwell at Drogheda. Broin Print Ltd. 1993. Paperback. €15.00

9083 Roche, Richard. Here's their Memory A Tribute to the Fallen of Republican Wexford. National Graves Association. 1997. Paperback. €30.00

5005 Shannon, Michael Owen. Modern Ireland: A Bibliography on Politics, Planning, Research, and Development. Library Association. 1981. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €25.00

8494 Walsh, Jim. Sliabh Rua. A History of its People and Places. Slieverue Parish Pastoral Council. 2001. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €60.00

5075 Walsh, Maurice. The News from Ireland: Foreign Correspondents and the Irish Revolution. I. B. Tauris. 2008. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €12.50

5666 Walsh, Micheline Kerney. An Exile of Ireland: Hugh O'Neill, Prince of Ulster. Four Courts Press. 1996. Paperback. €10.00

8286 [Waterford History and Society]. Geography Publications. 1992. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. [Interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish County]. €60.00

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