5013 Past and Present A journal of historical studies
Number 125 (November 1989). 5.00
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

Epic and History: Tradition, Dissent and Politics in India by Romila Thapar 3
Bastard Feudalism Revised by P. R. Coss 27
Literacy and Culture in Early Modern Castile by Sara T. Nalle 65
African Societies and the Atlantic Slave Trade by J. D. Fage 97
Gleaners, Farmers and the Failure of Legal Sanctions in England 1750-1850 by Peter King 116
V. Gordon Childe: Archaeology and Intellectual History by Andrew Sherratt 151
The Costs and Benefits of British Imperialism 1846-1914 by Paul Kennedy 186
The Costs and Benefits of British Imperialism 1846-1914: Reply by Patrick K. O'Brien 192
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