4974 Past and Present A journal of historical studies
Number 126 (February 1990). €5.00
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Co. Waterford Close

Democratic Politics in Republican Rome by J. A. North 3
"Warrior Graves"? The Background of the Anglo-Saxon Weapon Burial Rite by Heinrich Härke 22
The Crisis over Tonnage and Poundage in Parliament in 1629 by Linda S. Popofsky 44
Rural Industry and Commercial Agriculture in Late Seventeenth-Century South-Eastern India by Sanjay Subrahmanyam 76
The Employment and Unemployment of Children in England c.1680-1851 by Hugh Cunningham 115
Starting to Stop: Working-Class Fertility Decline in Britain by Wally Seccombe 151
Debate: The Emergence of a Leisure Town: Or an Urban Renaissance?
Comment by Peter Borsay 189
Reply by Angus McInnes 196
Review Article: Irish Nationalism and the Uses of History by Graham Walker 203
Notes 215
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