4975 Past and Present A journal of historical studies
Number 124 (August 1989). 5.00
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

Capitalists, Crafts and Constitutional Change in Late Fourteenth-Century London by Pamela Nightingale 3
Richard Montagu, Arminianism and Censorship by Sheila Lambert 36
Irish Re-creations of the Gaelic Past: The Challenge of Macpherson's Ossian by Clare O'Halloran 69
French Civilization and Ethnicity in the Napoleonic Empire by Stuart Woolf 96
Class and Gender in Modern British Labour History by Brian Harrison 121
Review Article: But What Was the Disease? The Present State of Health and Healing in African Studies by Gwyn Prins 159
Review Article: Vile Bodies by John Bossy 180
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