5071 Past and Present A journal of historical studies
Number 115 (May 1987). €5.00
Coolfin Books
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The Family in Late Antiquity: The Experience of Augustine by Brent D. Shaw 3
The Papacy and the Atlantic Slave Trade: Lourenço da Silva, the Capuchins and the Decisions of the Holy Office by Richard Gray 52
Proto-Industrialization, Serf Agriculture and Agrarian Social Structure: Two Estates in Nineteenth-Century Russia by Edgar Melton 69
Britain's Economy between the Wars: A Survey of a Counter-Revolution in Economic History by Patrick K. O'Brien 107
“The Boneless Tongue": Alternative Voices from Bhutan in the Context of Lamaist Societies by Michael Aris 131
Review Article
Jonathan Clark, Social History and England's "Ancien Regime" by Joanna Innes 165
The Rise of Arminianism Reconsidered by Nicholas Tyacke 201
The Rise of Arminianism Reconsidered: A Rejoinder by Peter White 217
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