6230 Irish Geography. Volume 8 1975. €10.00
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The late-Pleistocene period in north-eastern Ireland: an assessment 1975 by N. Stephens, J.R. Creighton and M.A. Hannon 1
A reconsideration of the drainage pattern of Counties Cork and Waterford by G.L. Davies and J.B. Whittow 24
Slope instabilities and recent slope development in Glencullen, Co. Wicklow by I. Statham 42
A mudslide on the Antrim coast, 24th November 1974 by D.B. Prior 55
Soils of the northern and central parts of County Armagh by J.G. Cruickshank 63
The effect of human pressures on the coastlines of County Londonderry and County Antrim by R.W.G. Carter 72
John Wesley in Ireland by T.W. Freeman 86
Locational patterns and trends within the pre-Famine linen industry by W.J. Smyth 97
Through Irish eyes: an examination of space preferences by M. Pacione 111
Changing Ireland:
The Rockall dispute 122
Some contributions of Irish base metal mining 126
Miss Ethel Mulvany 132
Dr Edward M. Fahy 132
Conference of Irish Geographers 1975 134
Recent geographical literature relating to Ireland 136
Reviews of books 140
Society affairs 150
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