6231 Irish Geography. Volume 9 1976. €10.00
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Distribution and synoptic origin of selected heavy precipitation storms over Ireland by J.G. Houghton and M.S. Ó Cinnéide 1
The Knockmealdown Mountains: a glacial nunatak by C.A. Lewis 18
Estate records and the making of the Irish landscape: an example from County Tipperary by W.J. Smyth 29
Land tenures, enclosures field-patterns in Co. Derry in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries by E.A. Currie 50
Land resources as a basic factor in livestock carrying capacity by J. Lee 63
The small shop in the urban retail economy: a case study in Northern Ireland by J.A. Dawson and D.G. Watkin 76
Spheres of influence and regional policy: the case of Northern Ireland by A.G. Hoare 89
The making of Irish geography I: William Petty by J.H. Andrews 100
Changing Ireland
The role of peat fuel in Ireland's changing energy balance 104
Belfast Central Railway reopening 109
Grocery store patronage in Dublin 112
Northern Ireland: representation at Westminster and the Boundary Commission 115
The river Bann mouth bar 121
Private apartment development in Dublin 123
The Irish National Committee for Geography 129
Conference of Irish Geographers, Cork 1976 130
Recent geographical literature relating to Ireland 132
Irish geography and the early Ordnance Survey: a review 137
Reviews of books and maps 143
Society affairs 156
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