6229 Irish Geography. Volume 7 1974. €10.00
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Flooding in Belfast by D.B. Prior and N.L. Betts 1
Kilkenny’s ‘Golden Vale' by M. Conry 19
Farm enterprise systems in east Co. Londonderry by C.J.W. Edwards 29
Spatial aspects of unemployment and economic stress in Northern Ireland by A. Murie 53
Some examples of the representation of height data on Irish maps before 1750 by A.A. Horner 68
A geography of contradictions: Ireland in Giraldus Cambrensis' Topography of Ireland by B. Robinson 81
Nineteenth-century Irish explorers in the Levant by C. Costello 88
Changing Ireland:
The 1973 General Election in the Republic of Ireland 97
Changing retail grocery prices in Dublin 107
Growth of office-type employment in the Republic of Ireland 111
The revision of local electoral areas in the Republic of Ireland: problems and possibilities 116
Future population change in the Dublin region 120
Obituary: Commandant P.G. Madden 127
Conference of Irish Geographers 1974 129
Correspondence: a letter from Professor Freeman 132
Recent geographical literature relating to Ireland 133
Reviews of books 137
Society affairs 151
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