5568 Past and Present A journal of historical studies
Number 96 (August 1982). 7.50
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

Old and New in Merovingian Taxation by Walter Goffart 3
Historians and Peasants: Studies of Medieval English Society in a Russian Context by Peter Gatrell 22
Humanism and the School of Guarino: A Problem of Evaluation by A. T. Grafton and L. Jardine 51
The Literacy Myth? Illiteracy in Scotland 1630-1760 by Rab Houston 81
Monarchy, Uniform and the Rise of the Frac 1760-1830 by Philip Mansel 103
Defenders, Ribbonmen and Others: Underground Political Networks in Pre-Famine Ireland by Tom Garvin 133
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