9494 The Old Limerick Journal
Number 43. Summer 2009 €10.00
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

Thoughts of Spring by Michael D. Ryan 2
Waving the Green Flag: Athens, 1906 by Des Ryan 3
The S.S. Kerry Head by Patrick J. McNamara 6
The 1970 Springboks tour and local politics in Limerick by Brian Hanley 8
Murder at Mountshannon by Tom Donovan 12
‘Black’ Mick Hayes by Pat Feeley 14
‘Bringing books to the fields and very Mountains’ Limerick County Library service 1935-55 by Margaret Franklin 29
The Battle of Plassey and its Limerick Connections by Brian Hodkinson 32
‘We disagreed in the desert, only because we loved the promised land so much’: Young Ireland in Limerick, 1848 by Laurence Fenton 34
Freedom and Conflict by Des Ryan 42
The Old Harbour Canal, Part I: Commercial Activity by John Rainsford 46
A Memoir of Some 19th Century Residents of Newcastle, County Limerick and its Vicinity by Mary Casteleyn 50
John Ferrar's Limerick City Directory – 1788 by Charlotte Murphy 54
Conditions in Limerick Jail by Brian Hodkinson 55
The Graveyard at Killeely by Noel Quirke 56
Some Random 18th Century Newspaper Extracts by Tom Donovan 60
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