4507 The Old Limerick Journal
Number 48. Winter Edition 2014 10.00
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

For Limerick's Glory by Liam O'Brien 2
Grace Greenwood and Uncle Tom's Cabin in Limerick (1852-1853) by Liam Hogan 3
Roman Catholic Clergy in St. Munchin's Parish Succession of Curates in St. Munchins Parish until 1900, Part Two by John Carroll 7
Bettering their condition: Female emigration to Australia before the Great Famine by Liz Rushen 12
'Black Jack' Blennerhassett and the County Limerick Gentry of 1735 by Gerald O'Carroll 17
The Folklore, Myths and Legends Of Old Limerick, Part One by John Rainsford 21
A stroll though Thomas Street by T O'Farrell and R Hodkinson 28
St. Michael's Rowing Club: the early years by Denis O'Shaughnessy 31
Two early maps of Hospital, County Limerick by Brian Hodkinson 40
Jewish Limerick from 1790 to 1903 by Des Ryan 44
The Gabbett Family and the sale of their estates in County Limerick by Joseph Lennon 52
An Irish American's Observations on late Victorian Limerick and Clare by Ed O'Shaughnessy 57
Jim Locke - Hero by Gerry Locke 63
The Vagrant in Victorian Limerick by John Rainsford 65
William Roche (1775-1850) Limerick Man, Banker and Statesman by Betty Walsh 71
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