2700 Seanchas Ard Mhacha. Journal of the Armagh Diocesan Historical Society
Volume 8. Number 2. 1977. €20.00
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

Reamhra: The Late Cardinal Conway 229
Tomaltach Ua Conchobair Coard of Patrick by Aubrey Gwynn 231
Recent Archaeological Excavations in Armagh City by Christopher J. Lynn 275
The Two Viking-age Coins Recently Found at Abbey Street, Armagh by Michael Dolley 281
Bishops and Ministers in Ulster During the Primacy of Ussher by Sister Phil Kilroy 284
The Methodist Baptismal Register of the Newry Circuit, 1830-1865 by Brian S. Turner 299
Gravestone Inscriptions in Tullyallen by James Garry 308
Some Aspects of the Great Famine in Co. Armagh by James Grant 344
The Armagh Elections of 1885-6 by Frank Thompson 360
The O’Neills of the Fews, Pt. III by Tomás Ó Fiaich 386
Chronicle for 1976 Events of Local Historical Interest 414
Publications of Local Historical Interest 417
Diocesan History in the Making 432
Cumann Seanchais Ard Mhacha 435
Reviews 442
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