5409 Saothar: Journal of the Irish Labour History Society
Volume 30 2005. 10.00
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Irish Labour History Society, 2004 3
Obituary 7
Jim Savage
Working-class resistance in pre-Famine County Dublin: the Dalkey quarry strikes of the 1820s by Colm Breathnach 9
The context and course of the Irish railway disputes of 1911 by Conor McCabe 21
Roddy Connolly and the Workers' Party of Ireland in 1926 by Charlie Maguire 33
'We got it for everybody': the Irish National Painters' and Decorators' Trade Union and the 40-hour-week strike of 1964 by Charles Callan 47
Religion and class in nineteenth-century Ireland: the social composition of Waterford's Anglican community, 183171 by Eugene Broderick 61
The age of the red republic: the Irish left and nationalism, 190936 by Emmet O'Connor 73
Document Study
The Irish Protestant under the editorship of Lindsay Crawford, 19016 by Siobhan Jones 85
Labour lives no. 7
Thomas Foran, 1883-1951 by D.R. O'Connor Lysaght 99
Essay in review
Contradicting the Bolsheviks: Anton Pannekoek and European Marxism by Fintan Lane 103
Reviews 115
Notes on Contributors 127