5400 Saothar: Journal of the Irish Labour History Society
Volume 7 1981. €10.00
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Bridge Street
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Editorial 2
The Irish Labour History Society: 1980-81 5
Correspondence 9
Artisans, Sectarianism and Politics in Dublin, 1829-48 by Jacqueline R. Hill 12
The Regular Operative House Painters' Trade Union by Charles Callan 28
British Based Unions in Ireland: Building Workers and the Split in Congress by Ken Hannigan 40
Essays in Review
Connolly Reassessed by Maurice Goldring 50
A British Labourist in Catholic Ireland by Austen Morgan 54
The 'Poverty of Theory' Debate by George Rudé 62
Reviews 69
Short Notices 73
Women in the Irish Workforce from Pre-Industrial to Modern Times by Mary E. Daly 74
Trade Union Badges — Mere Emblems or Means of Membership Control? 83
The Irish Labour History Society Archive 96
Labour Records in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland 100
The Rising in Song 106
Teaching Labour History Through Documents 107
Cork Public Museum 108
Archives and Library of the Swedish Labour Movement 111
Note on Sources 112
Thesis Abstracts 114
Document Study
Labour and the 1922 General Election 115
Conference Reports 122
A Bibliography of Irish Labour History, 1979-80 128
A Select Bibliography of British Labour History, 1979-1980 133
Some Recent Works in German Labour History 134
Notes on Contributors 136
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