5369 Saothar: Journal of the Irish Labour History Society
Volume 12 1987. €10.00
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Editorial: The Course of Labour History 2
Obituaries 5
Correspondence and Notice 7
The Policeman's Lot Was Not a Happy One: Duty, Discipline, Pay and Conditions in the Dublin Metropolitan Police, c 1838-1845 by Nigel Cochrane 9
Sóisialaithe Átha Cliath agus Teagasc Daniel De Leon, 1900-1909 le Vincent Morley 22
Trade Union and Government Relations: A Case Study of Influence on the Stormont Government by Richard Mapstone 35
The Irish National Teachers' Organisation and the Marriage Bar For Women National Teachers, 1933-1958 by Eoin O'Leary 47
Essays in Review
Rescue and Recovery: Women in Irish History by Therese Moriarty 53
Turncoat or Evangel? Harry Midgley and Ulster Labour by John Gray 58
Socialism and National Democracy by Roy Johnston 63
Reviews 71
The Irish Labour History Society Archive 77
The Growth of the ITGWU: A Geographer's View 78
Trade Union Records in the Northern Ireland Registry of Friendly Societies 85
The Kennedy/O'Brien Papers 88
International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam 90
Theses Abstracts 92
Socialist Trade Unionist: Matt Merrigan's Political Formation 94
A Bibliography of Irish Labour History, 1985-1986 by Deirdre O'Connell 107
A Select Bibliography of British Labour History, 1985-1986 by John B. Smethurst 128
Conference Reports 131
Notes on Contributors 137
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