5368 Saothar: Journal of the Irish Labour History Society
Volume 11 1986. 10.00
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Bridge Street
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Editorial 2
Irish Labour History Society, 1984-86 4
'As Catholic As The Pope': James Connolly and the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland by James Newsinger 7
Drogheda and the British General Strike, 1926 by Eugene Kiernan 19
Changing with the Tide: The Irish Labour Party, 1927-1933 by Enda McKay 27
Speeding the Plough: The Formation of the Federation of Rural Workers, 1944-1948 by Daniel G. Bradley 39
Essays in Review
Larkin in Belfast: Millenarianism and the Tribes by Terry Cradden 54
Irish Communists: Keeping Desire Alive by Austen Morgan 57
Association to Trade Union: the Organising of Secondary Teachers by John A. Murphy 63
Reviews 67
The Formation of the Working Class in Belfast, 1788-1881 by Ronnie Munck 75
The Irish Labour History Society Archive 90
Trade Union Records in the Registry of Friendly Societies, Dublin 92
Expanding Trade Unionism: the ITGWU Library 101
The National Maritime Museum of Ireland 104
Theses Abstracts 105
A Shop Steward Remembers by Malachy Gray 109
Lesser Marxist Movements in Ireland: a Bibliography, 1934-1984 by John Goodwillie 116
A Bibliography of Irish Labour History, 1983-84 by Deirdre O'Connell 124
A Select Bibliography of British Labour History, 1984 by John B. Smethurst 135
Conference Reports 137
Notes on Contributors 140
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