5367 Saothar: Journal of the Irish Labour History Society
Volume 5 1979. 10.00
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

Editorial 1
The Irish Labour History Society: 1978-79 3
The Irish Labour History Society and Archives 5
Correspondence 6
Railway Labour in Ireland, 1833-1856 by Joseph Lee 9
Fenianism, Parnellism and the Cork Trades, 1860-1900 by Maura Murphy 27
The Irish Bank 'Strike', 1919 by Gordon McMullan 39
Essays in Review
Reassessing Marxism on Ulster by Henry Patterson 50
Trade Unionism in Ireland by Kenneth D. Brown 56
Keeping the Record Straight: A Scottish Experience by Francis Devine 61
Reviews 65
Short Notice 72
May Day in Dublin, 1890 to the Present by Seamus Cody 73
Banners and Ballads 80
The Irish Labour History Society Archive 84
The Cork Workers' Club Historical Reprints Series 88
The Millmount Museum, Drogheda 90
Conference Reports 92
A Bibliography of Irish History, 1973-77 97
A Select Bibliography of British Labour History, 1973-77 109
Notes on Contributors 111