5062 Past and Present A journal of historical studies
Number 99 (May 1983). 5.00
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

The Virgin of the Carmine and the Revolt of Masaniello by Peter Burke 3
The Muggletonians 1652-1979: A "Vertical" Approach by William Lamont 22
An End to Moral Economy: The Irish Militia Disturbances of 1793 by Thomas Bartlett 41
The Social Origins of Counter-Revolution in Western France by T. J. A. Le Goff and D. M. G. Sutherland 65
The Industrialization of Popular Art in Bavaria by Helena Waddy Lepovitz 88
Seigneurial Control of Women's Marriage by Paul A. Brand, Paul R. Hyams and Rosamond Faith 123
Seigneurial Control of Women's Marriage: A Rejoinder by Eleanor Searle 148
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