4973 Past and Present A journal of historical studies
Number 56 (August 1972). 5.00
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

Kinship, Status and the Origins of the Hide by T. M. Charles-Edwards 3
The Authorship and Significance of Macaria by Charles Webster 34
Mutiny and Discontent in English Provincial Armies 1645-1647 by J. S. Morrill 49
Literacy and Social Mobility in the Industrial Revolution in England by Michael Sanderson 75
Economic Appeasement and the German "Moderates" 1937-1939. An Introductory Essay by C. A. MacDonald 105
American Radical Historians on Their Heritage by Aileen S. Kraditor 136
Communication: Quantitative Analysis of the Long Parliament by Steven D. Antler 154
Notes and Comments 157
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