8179 Old Kilkenny Review. Journal of the Kilkenny Archeological Society
Number 69 2017. €15.00
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New Archaeological Discoveries on the N76 Callan Road Realignment: Bronze Age and Early Medieval Settlement South of Kilkenny City by Graham Hull & Kate Taylor 5
Toor More (Corrandhu): A Bronze Age Hillfort in North Kilkenny by William O'Brien 34
Challenging the Archaeology of Decline in Late Medieval Callan: Excavations at West Street/Chapel Lane, Callan 2012 by Antoine Giacometti 51
Persecution and Deliverance in Sixteenth-Century Kilkenny: The Vocacyon of Johan Bale (1553) by Elizabethanne Boran 71
Edward Roth's Letter from Kilkenny 1662 by Ann Tierney 93
A Previously Unknown Traveller's Account of Kilkenny: John Lee (né Fiott) Visits Dunmore Cave, September 1806 by Angela Byrne 105
An 1827 List of Kilkenny Women by Mary Flood and Jim Ryan 114
Parnellites and Anti-Parnellites in Kilkenny City by Tony Patterson 118
The Civil War in County Kilkenny: Compensation Claims (Part 2) by Michael O'Dwyer 127
Where's My Boys...': The story of the Shea Brothers in the Great War by James O'Keefe 134
William Pilsworth (1899-1974) by John Lucey 142
The Irish Transport and General Workers' Union in Carlow and Kilkenny, 1918-1930 by Francis Devine 147
Book Notes 172
Proceedings 2017 175
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