7466 Old Kilkenny Review. Journal of the Kilkenny Archeological Society
Vol 1 No 5. 1978 €15.00
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

Editorial 305
Six Coats of Arms at St. Mary's by Gerard Crotty 306
A Middle English Lyric Fragment in the Red Book of Ossory by Seamus O'Maolain 314
King Richard II's Two Visits to Kilkenny (1395 & 1399) by Margaret M. Phelan 321
Finn's Leinster Journal by Mary Kenealy 332
Richard Canon Aylward by Julian C. Walton 349
Book Review 351
Two Butler Monuments in Old St. Mary's by Margaret M. Phelan 353
Swifte's Heath by Geoffrey Marescaux 356
Trip to Chester by Sean O’Doherty 363
Library Report 364
Museum Report 367
Honorary Secretary’s Report 368
Statement of Accounts 371
Officers, Committee and Members 372
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