6505 Old Kilkenny Review. Journal of the Kilkenny Archeological Society
Volume 2 Number 1 1979. €15.00
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

Editorial 3
David Rothe by Maureen Hegarty 4
Thomas MacDonagh in Kilkenny by Mark Kenealy 22
William Street, Kilkenny by Margaret M. Phelan 24
The Arms of Ragget by Gerard Crotty 36
Memorials of the Dead – St. Mary's, Kilkenny (Part I) by Madge Buggy 38
The Churches of Powerstown, Grange Sylvae and Goresbridge by Bettina Grattan-Bellew 45
Callan Electricity Board by Seamus O'Brien 48
Foulksrath and its Associations by Very Rev. John Brennan 50
Interesting Find at Rothe House 1978 by Anna de Loughry 60
Charles Joseph Kirkham 1828-1882 by Margaret Flannery 61
Kilmoganny by Moira Gabbett 64
Butler Information by Margaret M. Phelan 71
Sheela-na-Gig at Cooliagh by Sean O'Doherty 72
Library Report 1978 75
Museum Report 1978 78
Honorary Secretary's Report 1978 80
Statement of Accounts 84
Officers, Committee and Members 85
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