8434 North Munster Antiquarian Journal. Journal of the Thomond Archaeological Society
Volume XXVII 1985. €20.00
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Editorial, 1985 1
Archaeological Investigation of a Ringfort at Ballyduff, Co. Limerick by R.M. Cleary 3
The Original Site of St. Patrick's Cross, Cashel by Roger Stalley 8
The Tankards of Tankardstown: Flemish or Norman? by Peter M. Tankard 11
A Scientific Tour through Munster: The Travels of Joseph Woods, Architect and Botanist, in 1809 by G.J. Lyne and M.E. Mitchell 15
Father Mathew in Limerick by Colm Kerrigan 62
Smith O'Brien’s Retribution by Brendan Ó Cathaoir 70
A Henge at Garryard by Patrick O'Donovan 75
Face Carved on a Boulder at Clonroad More, Ennis by Etienne Rynne 78
Incised Slab at Athassel Priory, Co. Tipperary by Fergus O'Farrell 81
A Presbyterian Communion Token from Limerick by Sean Marrinan 83
The Stein Brown and Company Distillery Tokens by Paul Duffy 85
Jew's Harp Makers in Ireland by Siobhán de hÓir 87
Ennis Temperance Society, 1835-1839 by Ignatius Murphy 88
Book Reviews 91
Proceedings, 1985 103
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