4513 Medieval Dublin XVI Proceedings of Clontarf 1014-2014 National Conference Marking
the Millennium of the Battle of Clontarf. €10.00
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The (legendary) rise of Dál Cais by Bart Jaski
Hunting for the genetic legacy of Brian Boru in Irish historical sources by Catherine Swift
The kings of Dublin and Leinster before the battle of Clontarf by Edel Bhreathnach
Brian and the Uí Néill kingship of Tara by Eoin O’Flynn
Brian Boru, the Book of Armagh and the Irish church in the tenth and eleventh centuries by Denis Casey
Clontarf 1014: military significance, external dimension and outcome by Colmán Etchingham
Brian Bóraime, the Insular Viking world, and the battle of Clontarf by Patrick Wadden
Glorious by association: the obituary of Brian Boru by Máire Ní Mhaonaigh
The battle of Clontarf: the archaeological evidence by Andrew Halpin
Dál Cais after Clontarf by Paul MacCotter
After Brian Bóraime: the high-kingship and the kings of Connacht by Maire Therese Flanagan
Brian Bóraime’s right to rule: an unfinished dialogue by Lenore Fischer
The battle of Clontarf in later Irish tradition by Meidhbhín Ní Úrdail
Writing history in the digital age: the battle of Clontarf goes online by Roman Bleier, Sparky Booker, Eoin O’Flynn, Cherie N. Peters, Christina Wade and Caoimhe Whelan
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