8567 Irish Geography. Volume 25 Number 2. 1992. €10.00
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Coast Erosion in Northeast Ireland:- Part II: Cliffs and Shore Platforms by John McKenna, R.W.G. Carter and Darius Bartlett 111
Trampling Damage to Vegetation and Soil Cover within the Burren National Park, Mullach Mor, Co. Clare by Richard Moles 129
The North Antrim Flood of October 1990 by Nicholas Betts 138
Organic Agriculture in the Republic of Ireland by Helga Willer and Desmond Gillmor 149
Population Change in Irish Cities, 1981-86: County Boroughs, Suburbs and Daily Urban Systems by Kevin Hourihan 160
Changing Ireland
Population, Society and Economy on Tory Island, Co. Donegal by Derek Scott and Stephen Royle 169
Further Cracks in the Mould? The 1992 Irish General Election by Denis Pringle 177
The Development of the Irish Fish Farming Industry by Proinnsias Breathnach 182
A Note on the Irish in Rome by Russell King and Lucy Arbuckle 188
Reviews of Books 195
Reviews of Maps and Mapping 201
Recent Geographical Literature Relating to Ireland 204