8566 Irish Geography. Volume 25 Number 1. 1992. €10.00
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Questions of Coastal Protection and the Human Response to Sea-level Rise in Ireland and Britain by Robert J.N. Devoy 1
Farm Diversification in Ireland: Evidence from County Wicklow by C.E. Kelly, B.W. Ilbery and D.A. Gillmor 23
Adoption and Diffusion Processes in the Mechanisation of Irish Agriculture by James A. Walsh 33
Branch Plant Closures in the West of Ireland by Sheila Walker 54
Mobility in Rural Ulster: Travel Patterns, Car Ownership and Local Services by Stephen Nutley and Colin Thomas 67
Changing Ireland
Population Change in Northern Ireland, 1981-1991: Preliminary Results of the 1991 Census of Population by Ian Shuttleworth 83
The Upsurge in Private Afforestation in the Republic of Ireland by Desmond A. Gillmor 89
The Decline of the Herbage Seed Production Industry in Ireland by C.E. Kelly, N. Culleton and V. McCarthy 98
Cryoturbated ‘Drift’ with Silicified Limestone at 570m in the Knockmealdown Mountains by G.F. Mitchell 102
Reviews of Books 104
New Maps of Ireland Published in 1991 109
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