8555 Irish Geography. Volume 17. 1984. €10.00
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Contemporary accounts of the Killarney woods 1580-1870 by W.A. Watts 1
The spatial differentiation of commercial and residential functions in Cork City by A.M. Fahy 14
Defensive planning in Belfast by G.M. Dawson 27
An ecological analysis of voting patterns in Galway West, 1977 by A.J. Parker 42
Mapping peatland vegetation from readily available air photographs: a field test from Northern Ireland by R.W. Tomlinson 65
An index of summers in Northern Ireland by N.L. Betts 84
Changing Ireland
Regional aspects of agricultural production in Ireland 1970-1980 95
Manufacturing changes in the Greater Cork Area 1980-1984 101
Stability and change in the Rathmines retail system 108
Recent geographical literature relating to Ireland 113
Reviews of books and maps 121
Society affairs 136
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