8553 Irish Geography. Volume 14 1981. €10.00
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The territorial organisation of Gaelic landownership and its transformation in County Monaghan, 1591-1640 by P.J. Duffy 1
Northern Ireland's increased representation in the Westminster parliament by J.N.H. Douglas and R.D. Osborne 27
Changing residential patterns of the Dublin Jewish community by W.S. Waterman 41
The erosion of peat in the uplands of Northern Ireland by R.W. Tomlinson 51
Relationships between the morphometric parameters of meander planform in south County Down by J.M. O'Boyle 65
A preliminary report on late Devensian and early Flandrian deposits on the coast at Carnlough, County Antrim by D.B. Prior, S.M. Holland and M.M. Cruickshank 75
A protalus rampart from the western Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland by E. Colhoun 85
Variations in grocery prices within Dublin: some tests of their stability by A.M. Hay, R.J. Johnston and A.J. Parker 91
Village and town in mid nineteenth century Ireland by T. Jones Hughes 99
Changing Ireland
Ireland's changing energy base: the biomass conversion programme 107
Planned retail developments in Cork city 111
Recent geographical literature relating to Ireland 117
Reviews of books and maps 126
Correspondence 142
Society affairs 144
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