7418 Irish Geography. Volume 20 Part 2 1987. €10.00
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Non-agricultural employment in northwestern Ireland: a peripheral region in the 1970s by Seamus Grimes 61
An objective method for evaluating wetlands — a case study on the Finn river catchment in Co. Monaghan, Ireland by N. D. Lockhart 75
A review of sites protected for nature conservation in the Republic of Ireland by R. W. Alexander and S. V. E. Gahan 82
The per capita output of phosphorus from domestic detergents in Ireland 1950-1982 by S. Patrick 89
Changing Ireland
Village expansion in Co. Louth by Desmond A. Gillmor and A. Jane Jeffers 95
The changing role of sheep production in Northern Ireland agriculture by C. J. W. Edwards 98
Reviews 100
Comment 106
Recent literature relating to the Geography of Ireland 107
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