7414 Irish Geography. Volume 10 1977. €10.00
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Water resource management in Northern Ireland by D. Wilcock 1
A note on tufa-depositing springs in Glenasmole, Co. Dublin by I. Statham 14
Soil type, soil slope and topsoil depth relationships on a Co. Cavan Drumlin by F. McCabe and J. F. Collins 19
Mass-movement activity: an illustration of differing responses to groundwater conditions from two sites in Northern Ireland by W. S. McGreal and D. Craig 28
A survey of neglected agricultural land in the Sperrin Mountains, Northern Ireland by J. G. and M. M. Cruickshank 36
Planning the Irish transport network: parallels in nineteenth- and twentieth-century proposals by A. A. Horner 44
The spatial distribution of livestock in Northern Ireland by C. J. W. Edwards 58
The horse breeding industry in Ireland by C. A. Lewis and M. E. McCarthy 72
The making of Irish geography, II: G.A.J. Cole by G. L. Davies 90
Changing Ireland
The Navan zinc-lead mine 95
The EEC scheme for farming in less-favoured areas 101
Conference of Irish Geographers, Galway 1977 109
Recent geographical literature relating to Ireland 111
Reviews of books and maps 116
Society affairs 131
Index for volumes 7 to 10 132
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