6234 Irish Geography. Volume XVI 1983. €10.00
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The Catholic parish, the Catholic chapel and village development in Ireland by K. Whelan 1
Landholding changes, kinship networks and class transformation in rural Ireland: a case-study from County Tipperary by W.J. Smyth 16
The economy and society of the Aran Islands County Galway in the early nineteenth century by S.A. Royle 36
Neighbourhood, community and residential change decisions in the Dublin Jewish community by S. Waterman 55
An empirical assessment of the entropy maximising family of interaction models by J.A. Walsh and R. Tobin 69
Meteosat 2 imagery and the distribution of low surface temperatures in Ireland by J.G. Tyrrell 79
Field evidence in the earth sciences by G.L. Herries Davies 95
Changing Ireland
Employment growth and population changes in rural areas: an example from the west of Ireland 108
Population redistribution in Irish cities: Dublin, Cork and Limerick 1971-1981 113
The Regional Technical Colleges and the changing geography of higher education in the Republic of Ireland 120
Obituary: Francis M. Synge 1923-1983 126
Recent geographical literature relating to Ireland 131
Reviews of books and maps 139
Society affairs 157
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