6227 Irish Geography. Volume VI Number 4 1972. €10.00
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An early modern Dublin suburb: the estate of Francis Aungier, Earl of Longford by N.T. Burke 365
Donegal in the Ulster Plantation by J.G. Simms 386
The use of oral tradition in Irish Historical Geography by D. McCourt 394
Canonical analysis of the relations between certain aspects of the demographic and urban systems of the Republic of Ireland by G.B. Norcliffe 411
Spatial and temporal characteristics of Irish precipitation by A.H. Perry 428
Directions of late-Pleistocene ice-flows in eastern counties Meath and Louth, Ireland by A.M. McCabe 443
Soils and changing agricultural land values in part of Co. Londonderry by J.G. Cruickshank 462
Changing Ireland:
The changing centre of gravity of office establishments within central Dublin 1940 to 1970 480
Leitrim revisited 485
Retail sales of towns in the Republic of Ireland in 1966 487
Aspects of agricultural change in the Republic of Ireland during the 1960s 492
Recent geographical literature relating to Ireland 499
Reviews of books and maps 502
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