10251 The Irish Genealogist.
Volume 4 Number 2 October 1969. €15.00
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News of the Society 64
A Commentary on the Nobility and Gentry of Thomond c. 1567 65
The Burnells and the Penal Laws by Sir Henry Blackall 74
Extracts from the Minutes of the Corporation of Fethard, Co. Tipperary by Rev. W.G. Skehan 81
The Geraldines of Allen by K.W. Nicholls 93
Monumental Inscriptions from Leixlip, Co. Dublin by E.J. McAuliffe and R.J. O'Kelly-Lynch 110
The Family of Charlton of Clonmacnoise by Dr. J.C.H. Shaw 117
Extracts from the Census of the City of Waterford – (continued) by Kathleen Kelly 122
Sherlock of Butlerstown, Co. Waterford by Lt.-Col. H.D. Gallwey 131
Hearth Money Rolls, Dunleer, Co. Louth by Rev. D. Mac Iomhair 142
Reviews 145
Queries 150
Obituary 150
Accessions to the Library 151
List of New Members 152
Deaths 154
For Sale 154
Balance Sheet 155
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