5829 The Irish Ancestor.
Volume X Number 1 1978. €15.00
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Two Families of Mellefont or Mellifont in Co. Cork by A.V. Mellefont 1
Irish Repealers at Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1843 by Terrence M. Punch 6
Entries from the Cathrew Family Bible 13
Monuments of Irish Interest in St. Isidore’s, Rome transcribed photographed by George Mott 15
Irish Social Customs of Genealogical Importance by Rosemary ffolliott 18
Old Parochial Registers of Scotland extracted by Donald Whyte 23
Timothée Silvain: an Irish Eccentric in New Frances by Terrence M. Punch 27
Caters of Irish Quarter, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim by Brian de Breffny 31
A Census of Protestant Children in the Parishes of Drung and Larah, Co. Cavan in 1814 33
Inventories of Five Dublin Quaker Merchants in late Seventeenth Century contributed by Olive C. Goodbody 38
Gravestone Inscriptions at Grange, Co. Limerick M.J. Dore 49
Businessmen who issued Tokens in Ireland 1653-1679 by Brian de Breffny 51
Reviews 60