5641 The Irish Ancestor.
Volume I Number 2 1969. 15.00
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Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

An 18th Century Abduction by Rosemary ffolliott 69
Entries from the Rev. Alexander Neilson's Family Bible 76
Crone of Co. Cork by Brian de Breffny 77
Wills of Irish Interest at Halifax, Nova Scotia 1749-1847 contributed by Terrence Punch 89
A Record of Presbyterians in Co. Antrim by Patrick Smythe-Wood 95
Some Irish Monumental Inscriptions in England collected by Horace E. Jones 97
The Journal of the Rev Adam Averell by Mary Ross Brown 103
Some Irish Militia Movements during the Napoleonic Wars by Rosemary ffolliott 109
The Family of Odell or O'Dell by Brian de Breffny 114
Finucane of Co. Clare: Addenda and CORRIGENDA 144
Reviews 145