4765 Dublin Historical Record Published by the Old Dublin Society
Volume 70 Number 2 Autumn/Winter 2017. €10.00
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

Around the Town 142
The Life and Times of J.B. Malone, founder of the Wicklow Way, map-maker, soldier, historian and author by Michael Fewer 145
‘A serious combination’; The 1790 Dublin lamplighter strike by Finnian Ó Cionnaith 152
Martello Tower No. 7 and the defence of Killiney Bay by Pól Ó Duibhir 162
The Kearney hangings at Bohernabreena in 1816 – were they guilty? by John Fitzgerald 176
Destination Wales!: the first aerial crossing of the Irish Sea 200 years ago by Mark Davies 190
Balbriggan 1759 – 1875: the foundation and establishment of an urban industrial landscape by Róisín Halligan 197
The Fenian Rising in Dublin, 1867 by Seán Bagnall 214
The ethos of W. & R. Jacob as employers and the diary of Charles Jacob by Michael Jenkins presented by Walter Jenkins 224
66 Dame Street: biography of a Dublin house by Gail C Roantree 232
A Victorian rarity in Merrion or How Robin Hughes in Sheffield discovered a Victorian treasure in Park Avenue, Dublin 4 by Kurt Kullmann, with Robin Hughes 251
Obituary – Brian Campbell 258
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