5692 Dublin Historical Record Published by the Old Dublin Society
Volume XIII Numbers 3 & 4 An Tóstal 1953. €10.00
Coolfin Books
Bridge Street
Co. Waterford Close

Editorial 65
The Thingmote by George A. Little 66
Handel in Dublin by A.M. Fraser 72
Dubliners—1200–1500 by Thomas King Moylan 79
Weather in Old Dublin by F.E. Dixon 94
"The Dublin Gazette": 1705–1922 by Joseph W. Hammond 108
Dublin Shorthand Writers by J.L.J. Hughes 118
Belvedere House by Rev. C. Scantlebury 128
Property Taxes in Old Dublin by F.J. Holden 133
John and Edward Lees, Secretaries of the Irish Post Office, 1774–1831 by Beatrice Bayley Butler 138
Burial of John Philpot Curran by P.J. Stephenson 151
The Ancient Name of the Poddle by F. Carroll 155
Other Papers read before the Old Dublin Society 158
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