5858 Carloviana The Journal of the Old Carlow Society
Number 46. 1998. €15.00
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Co. Waterford Close

Transportation Act 1798 by Seamus Murphy 2
Sister Mary Paul by Tony Wynne 4
The Rev. Samuel Haughton: A Man Remembered today for a Method of Humane Execution by Dr. Norman McMillan and Paul Redmond 8
From Carlow, he founded Argentina’s first English newspaper by L.D. Bergin 12
List of Able Men in the Barony of ldrone East and West for the year 1810 - From the Jackson Collection (Continued from 1996 issue) by the late James Kehoe 14
Carlow man rose from rags to radicalism in Philadelphia by L.A. O'Donnell 16
The road from Balaclava to Sebastopol by D.K. Horne 20
From the Chair by Martin Nevin 22
Book reviews by Rev. Dermot McKenna 23
John Brennan, The Turpentine Doctor by Dr. John Fleetwood 25
Carlow men who were awarded the Victoria Cross by Paul Macguire 26
Matthew Coke, Esq., Painstown by Bertha Coke 27
Dates of Importance in Carlow Town’s History by Annie C. Parker-Byrne 34
Castle of Carlow. Who built and occupied the first castle here? by Dr Kieran O'Conor 37
Shaw's bequest to Carlow by Sean O'Shea 43
Secretary's Report by Rev. Dermot McKenna 47
Tree trunk carvings of Martin Monks 48
1798 Monuments 1998 50
Richards of Carlow by W. Ellis 54
Carlow claimants for compensation in 1798 56
Obituary - Monsignor P. J. Brophy 61
A New Law and Order We Bring to You by Des Nolan 62
The Clergy in Carlow During the 1798 Insurrection by Rev. Dermot McKenna 65
The Bold Fenian Men taken from The New World - Chicago – 1912 68
Lest They be Forgotten by Seamus Murphy 69
Richard Boyse Osborne by Prof. Garrett Bolger 70
Some aspects of Carlow in the 1830s by R.P. Murphy 71
The Kennedy/O'Dempsey Tragedy by John Joyce 74
Corporal Patrick (Doyle) Lillis by Paul Maguire 78
The Election of 1918 by John F. Scott 79
Wolf Tone - Barrister & Revolutionary by Dr. Michael Farry 82
Maj. Gen. James Lillis by Martin J. Lynch 86
The Testimony of Daniel McCarthy by Rev. Dermot McKenna 88
Old Carlow 89
Viscount Frankfort, Sir Charles Burton and County Carlow in the 1840s by Desmond Norton 91
Officers and Members of the Old Carlow Society 1998 94
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