7307 Archaeologia Cambrensis
Volume CXLII 1993. €15.00
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Presidential Address: The Walls of Tenby by W. Gwyn Thomas 1
Romano-British Occupation of Minchin Hole Cave, Gower by K. Branigan, M. J. Dearne and J. G. Rutter 40
Excavations at Caerwent Vicarage Orchard Garden 1973: an extra-mural post-Roman Cemetery by Ewan Campbell and Philip Macdonald 74
Excavations at Loughor Castle, West Glamorgan 1969-73 by J. M. Lewis 99
Excavations at Montgomery Castle, Part II The Finds (Metalwork) by Jeremy K. Knight 182
Monnow Bridge and Gate, Monmouth by M. L. J. Rowlands 243
British Vernacular Architecture in a Continental Context by Peter Smith 288
Chester Assayed Silver Coffin Plates from Mold by Maurice H Ridgway 330
Short Notes 340
Reviews of Books 347
Periodical Literature in Wales, 1992 360
Report of the Annual Summer Meeting, 1992 365
Accounts, 1992 368
List of Officers for 1993-4 373
Index 377