7306 Archaeologia Cambrensis
Volume CXLIII 1994. €15.00
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Presidential Address: A Cambro-Hibernian Alliance: Maria Jane Williams and Thomas Crofton Croker by Morfydd E. Owen 1
The Discovery of Three Bronze Age Gold Torques in Pembrokeshire by Stephen H. R. Aldhouse-Green and J. Peter Northover 37
Old Oswestry Hillfort: Excavations by W. J. Varley 1939 - 1940 by Gwilym Hughes 46
Some Medieval Brooches, Pendants and Moulds from Wales: A Short Survey by Mark Redknap 92
Excavations at Montgomery Castle, Part III: The Finds: other than (Metalwork) by Jeremy K. Knight, and an Appendix by Graeme Lawson 139
Dynevor Castle and Newton House: some seventeenth-century pictures by Donald Moore 204
Fishpond Wood Cascade, The Gnoll, West Glamorgan by Christopher K Currie, Martin Locock and Lesley Howes, and an Appendix by Steve O'Donovan 236
Additions and Corrections 272
Reviews of Books 273
Periodical Literature 286
Association Activities and Business 290
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