5648 Analecta Hibernica
Number 40 2007. €15.00
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Report to the Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism on the Work of the Commission: 1 October 2005-31 May 2007 v
Obituary: Margaret Catherine Griffith (1911-2001) xii
Obituary: Breandán Mac Giolla Choille (1920-2006) xv
The Background to the Arrest of the Fifth Earl of Kildare and Sir Christopher Preston in 1418: A Missing Membrane by Peter Crooks 1
Sir William Domville: ’A Disquisition Touching That Great Question Whether an Act of Parliament Made in England Shall Bind the Kingdom and People of Ireland without Their Allowance and Acceptance of Such Act in the Kingdom of Ireland by Patrick Kelly 17
The Lucas Diary 1740-41 by Brian Ó Dálaigh 73
The Correspondence of Eyre Coote with His Brother, Charles Henry Coote, and Others on the Irish Act of Union, 1799-1800 by David Fleming 189
On the Present Condition of Agriculture in the Counties of Cork and Kerry, February 1867: A Report by W. R. Robertson by Aileen McClintock 231
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