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Coolfin Books
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Portlaw New Books December 2016
Co. Waterford
Home 3953 Barry, Tom. Guerilla Days in Ireland. Anvil Books Ltd. 1971. Paperback €15.00
3828 Brady, Margaret. The Love Story of W.B. Yeats & Maud Gonne. Mercier Press. 1992. Paperback €5.00
4109 Brett, C.E.B. Historic Buildings, Groups of Buildings, Areas of Architectural Importance in the Glens of Antrim. Ulster Architectural Heritage Society. 1971. Paperback €20.00
3748 Bromage, Mary C. Churchill and Ireland. University of Notre Dame Press. 1964. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket €30.00
3594 The Capuchin Annual 1974. edited by Fr. Henry O.F.M. Cap. 1974. Paperback. €10.00
4149 Cardozo, Nancy. Maud Gonne: Lucky Eyes & a High Heart. Victor Gollanz Ltd. 1979. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €30.00
4097 Pαdraigνn Clancy and Clare Eager. Ireland First Comσradh Αr Sinsir 1916-2016 Relatives Remember 4th Battalion Dublin Brigade 1916 South Dublin Union Marrowbone Lane Garrisons. Cumann Gaolta 4th Battalion Dublin Brigade 1916 Relatives Group. 2016. Paperback. €10.00
3875 Clifton, Robin. The Last Popular Rebellion: The Western Rising of 1685. Maurice Temple Smith. 1984. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €10.00
3919 Connolly, James (edited by James Connolly Heron). The Words of James Connolly. Mercier Press. 1986. Paperback. €10.00
3843 Cooke, Thomas Lalor. Cooke's History of Birr (The early history of the town of Birr or Parsonstown by Thomas Lalor Cooke with a new introduction by Margaret Hogan). Esker Press. 1990. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €25.00
Decies. Journal of the Waterford Archeological and Historical Society.
Number 52 (1996)
€20.00 each
3540 Doyle, Eugene J. Justin McCarthy. Historical Association of Ireland. 1996. Paperback. [Life and Times Series No 7] €15.00
4013 Fullam, Brendan. Legends of the Ash. Wolfhound Press. 1997. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €15.00
3983 Hartley, Tom. Belfast City Cemetery: The History of Belfast, Written in Stone. Blackstaff Press. 2014. Paperback. €10.00
4012 Hurley, Micheal (Editor). Irish Anglicanism 1869-1969: Essays on the role of Anglicanism in Irish Life presented to the Church of Ireland on the occasion of the centenary of its Disestablishment by a group of Methodist, Presbyterian, Quaker and Roman Catholic scholars. Allen Figgis & Co Ltd. 1970. Hardcover. €10.00
Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland.
Volume 104 (1974), Volume 105 (1975), Volume 107 (1977), Volume 108 (1978), Volume 109 (1979), Volume 111 (1981), Volume 113 (1983), Volume 118 (1988), Volume 120 (1990)
€20.00 each
4136 Lacey, Brian. Lug's Forgotten Donegal Kingdom: the Archaeology, History and Folklore of the Sil Lugdach of Cloghaneely. Four Courts Press. 2012. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €25.00
4098 Laing, Lloyd. Later Celtic Art in Britain and Ireland. Shire Publications Ltd. 1997. Paperback. €7.50
4047 Lewis, Samuel. County Clare: A History and Topography. CLASP Press. 1998. Paperback. €10.00
4077 MacCuarta SJ, Brian. Ulster 1641. Aspects of the Rising. The Institute of Irish Studies. 1997. Paperback. €10.00
4086 McGreevy, Ronan. Wherever the Firing Line Extends: Ireland and the Western Front. The History Press Ireland. 2016. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €15.00
3633 T.W. Moody, R.B. McDowell and C.J. Woods. The Writings of Theobald Wolfe Tone 1763-98 Volume II: America, France, and Bantry Bay, August 1795 to December 1796. Oxford University Press. 2009. Paperback. €20.00
4148 Murray, Paul. The Irish Boundary Commission and its Origins 1886-1925. University College Dublin Press. 2011. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €40.00
3697 Neeson, Eoin. The Civil War 1922-23. Poolbeg Press. 1989. Paperback. €10.00
4155 O'Callaghan, John. Revolutionary Limerick: the Republican Campaign for Independence in Limerick 1913-1921. Irish Academic Press. 2010. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €25.00
Old Kilkenny Review.
Volume 57 (2005), Volume 65 (2013)
€15.00 each
3629 O'Rawe, Richard. Afterlives: The Hunger Strike and the Secret Offer That Changed Irish History. The Lilliput Press. 2012. Paperback. €7.50
4153 Aidan O'Sullivan, Rob Sands and Eamonn P. Kelly. Coolure Demesne Crannog, Lough Derravaragh: an introduction to Its archaeology and landscapes. Wordwell. 2007. Paperback. €10.00
4147 Muiris O’Sullivan, Chris Scarre & Maureen Doyle (eds). Tara from the past to the future. Wordwell. 2013. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €25.00
4058 Patton, Marcus. Central Belfast an Historical Gazetteer. Ulster Architectural Heritage Society. 2015. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €30.00
3925 Poirteir, Cathal. Famine Echoes. Gill & Macmillan Ltd. 1995. Paperback. €10.00
3640 Quigley, Aidan A. Green is My Sky. Avoca Publications. 1983. Paperback. €7.50
4447 Reynolds, John. 46 Men Dead: The Royal Irish Constabulary in County Tipperary 1919-22. The Collins Press. 2016. Paperback. €10.00
4156 Robbins, Frank. Under the Starry Plough. Academy Press. 1977. Paperback. €20.00
3673 Bill Rolston & David Miller. War and Words: The Northern Ireland Media Reader Beyond the Pale Publications. 1996. Paperback. €15.00
3283 Ryan, A.P. Mutiny at the Curragh. Macmillan and Co. 1956. Hardcover. €10.00
3702 Sheedy, Kieran. Upon the Mercy of Government: The story of the surrender, imprisonment and transportation to New South Wales of Michael Dwyer and his Wicklow comrades. Radio Telefis Eireann. 1988. Paperback. €10.00
3855 Stradling, Robert A. The Irish and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. Manchester University Press. 1999. Paperback. €15.00
3943 Swords, Liam. The Green Cockade. The Irish in the French Revolution 1789-1815. Glendale. 1989. Paperback. €15.00
3929 Vaughan, W.E. A New History of Ireland Volume V: Ireland Under the Union, I: 1801-1870. Oxford University Press. 2010. Paperback. €25.00
3931 Ward, Margaret. Maud Gonne: A Life. Pandora. 1993. Paperback. €5.00
3865 Compiled by Jennie Wyse-Power [edited by Donal McCartney and Pauric Travers]. Words of the Dead Chief: Being Extracts from the Public Speeches and Other Pronouncements of Charles Stewart Parnell from the Beginning to the Close of his Remarkable Life. University College Dublin Press. 2009. Paperback. €10.00
3648 Young, John N. Erskine H.Childers: President of Ireland - A Biography. Colin Smythe Ltd. 1985. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €12.50
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