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Home 3841 Derek W. Alexander & Michael Drake. Breaking new ground: Fifty years of change in Northern Ireland agriculture 1952-2002. The Blackstaff Press. 2002. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket €10.00
3969 Andrews, J.H. Science and Cartography in the Ireland of William and Samuel Molyneux. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Volume 80, Section C, No 12. 1980. Pamphlet €10.00
3966 Barry, T. B. Archaeological Excavations at Dunbeg Promontory Fort, County Kerry, 1977. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Volume 81, Section C, No 12. 1981. Pamphlet €10.00
4031 Beaumont, Jonathan. Rails to Achill: A West of Ireland Branch Line. The Oakwood Press. 2002. Paperback €15.00
3625 Bennett, Ronan. Double Jeopardy The Retrial of the Guildford Four. Penquin Books. 1993. Paperback €7.50
3930 Bradley, Dan. Farm Labourers: Irish Struggle, 1900-76. Athol Books. 1988. Paperback €15.00
3884 Breen, Dan. My Fight for Irish Freedom. The Talbot Press. 1955. Paperback €25.00
3907 Butler, Ewan. Barry's Flying Column. The Story of the IRA's Cork No 3 Brigade 1919-21. Tandem. 1972. Paperback €15.00
4030 Byrne, Niall. The Waterford Leper Hospital of St. Stephen & the Waterford County and City Infirmary: A history of institutional medicine in Waterford. Linden Publishing Services. 2011. Paperback €10.00
3603 The Capuchin Annual 1972. edited by Fr. Henry O.F.M. Cap. 1972. Paperback. €40.00
3984 Carey, Peter. True History of the Kelly Gang. Faber and Faber. 2001. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket €10.00
4033 Howard B. Clarke & Ruth Johnson (editors). The Vikings in Ireland and Beyond: Before and After the Battle of Clontarf. Four Courts Press. 2015. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket €40.00
4008 Corry, Eoghan. An Illustrated History of the GAA. Gill and Macmillan. 2006. Paperback €15.00
3922 Edited by Mike Cronin, William Murphy & Paul Rouse. The Gaelic Athletic Association, 1884-2009. Irish Academic Press. 2009. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket €20.00
3905 Cronin, Sean. For Whom the Hangman's Rope Was Spun: Wolfe Tone and the United Irishmen. Repsol Publishing. 1991. Paperback. €15.00
3830 Cunningham, Michael. Monaghan: County of Intrigue. Miceal O Cuinneaghain. 1979. Paperback. €25.00
3752 Curry, James. Artist of the Revolution: The Cartoons of Ernest Kavanagh (1884-1916). Mercier Press. 2012. Paperback. €10.00
4027 [Dublin Interest]. The Old Township of Pembroke. City of Dublin Vocational Educational Committee. 1993. Pamphlet. €10.00
3981 Seán Duffy & Susan Foran (eds.). The English Isles: Cultural transmission and political conflict in Britain and Ireland, 1100-1500. Four Courts Press. 2013. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €35.00
3974 [Easter 1916]. O'Donovan Rossa Funeral 1831-1915 Souvenir Programme Centenary Edition. Sinn Fein National 1916 Commemorations. n.d. Pamphlet. €5.00
3699 Ekin, Des. The Stolen Village: Baltimore and the Barbary Pirates. O Brien Press Ltd. 2010. Paperback. €10.00
3911 Falls, Cyril. The Birth of Ulster. Constable and Company. 1996. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €20.00
3873 Farry, Michael. Sligo The Irish Revolution, 1912-23. Four Courts Press. 2012. Paperback. €20.00
3859 Feehan, John. The Landscape of Slieve Bloom: A Study of Its Natural and Human Heritage. Slieve Bloom Rural Development Society. 2009. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €35.00
3921 Fraser, Professor Murray. John Bull's Other Homes: State Housing and British Policy in Ireland, 1883-1922. Liverpool University Press. 1996. Hardcover €20.00
3878 Gleeson, James. Bloody Sunday: How Michael Collins's Agents Assassinated Britain's Secret Service in Dublin on November 21, 1920. Lyons Press. 2004. Paperback €10.00
4034 Glennon, Kieran. From Pogrom to Civil War: Tom Glennon and the Belfast IRA. Mercier Press. 2013. Paperback. €10.00
3880 Haliday, Charles. The Scandinavian Kingdom of Dublin. Irish University Press. 1969. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €30.00
3820 Handcock, William Domville. The History and Antiquities of Tallaght. Anna Livia Press. 1991. Paperback €10.00
3869 Henry, William. Famine: Galway's Darkest Years. Mercier Press. 2011. Paperback €10.00
3976 Keating, Bob. Eamon De Valera and Michael Collins, Still Making History. Glenegad Press. 2009. Paperback €10.00
3877 Kee, Robert. The Green Flag. A history of Irish nationalism. Penquin Books. 2000. Paperback €10.00
3963 Kilbride-Jones, H. E. The Excavation of a Cairn with Kennel-Hole Entrance at Corracloona Co. Leitrim. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume 74, Section C, No 5. 1974. Pamphlet €10.00
4022 Knox, R. Buick. James Ussher : Archbishop of Armagh. University of Wales Press. 1967. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket €10.00
3631 Leach, Daniel. Fugitive Ireland: European minority nationalists and Irish political asylum, 1937-2008. Four Courts Press. 2009. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket €10.00
3975 Lucy, Gordon. Lord MacAulay on Londonderry Aughrim Enniskillen and the Boyne. The Ulster Society. 1989. Paperback €10.00
3990 Matthews, Ann. The Irish Citizen Army. Mercier Press. 2014. Paperback. €10.00
4006 Bridget McAuliffe, Mary McAuliffe & Owen O'Shea. Kerry 1916 Histories and Legacies of the Easter Rising A Centenary Record. Irish Historical Publications. n.d. Paperback €25.00
3827 McCarthy, Denis. Dublin Castle: at the Heart of Irish History. Stationery Office. 2004. Paperback €10.00
3980 McMahon, Sean. Wee Joe: the Life of Joseph Devlin. Brehon Press Ltd. 2011. Paperback €10.00
3979 McReynolds, Alister. Kith and Kin: The Continuing Legacy of the Scotch-Irish in America. Colourpoint Books. 2013. Paperback €7.50
3933 [Northern Ireland]. Legends in their Time 25 years on... Remembering two of South Armagh's Sons.. Volunteer Brendan Burns and Volunteer Brendan Moley. 2013. Paperback. €15.00
3285 O'Ballance, Edgar. Terrorism in the 1980s. Arms & Armour Press. 1989. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket €10.00
3962 O'Brien, A.F. The Territorial Ambitions of Maurice Fitzthomas, First Earl of Desmond, with particular reference to the Barony and Manor of Inchiquin, Co. Cork. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume 82, Section C, No 3. 1982. Pamphlet €10.00
3831 O'Donnell, E. E. The Annals of Dublin Fair City. Wolfhound Press. 1987. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket €20.00
3915 O'Loughlin, Michael. Frank Ryan: Journey to the Centre. Raven Arts Press. 1987. Pamphlet €7.50
3821 O'Sullivan, Charles J. The Gasmakers: Historical Perspectives on the Irish Gas Industry. O'Brien Press. 1987. Paperback. €20.00
3550 Paseta, Senia. Thomas Kettle. Historical Association of Ireland. 2008. Paperback. Life and Times New Series €20.00
3948 Michael Potterton & Thomas Herron, (EDT). Dublin and the Pale in the Renaissance c. 1540-1660. Four Courts Press. 2011. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket €35.00
3772 Purdy, Martina. Room 21: Stormont - Behind Closed Doors. Brehon Press Ltd. 2005. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket €10.00
3965 Rynne, Etienne. Excavations at "Madden's Hill", Kiltale, Co. Meath. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Volume 74, Section C, No 9. 1974. Pamphlet €10.00
3971 Scott, B.G. Iron 'Slave-Collars' from Lagore Crannog, Co. Meath. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Volume 78, Section C, No 8. 1978. Pamphlet. €10.00
3854 Scott, Thomas Colville. Connemara After the Famine: Journal of a Survey of the Martin Estate, 1853. Lilliput Press. 2005. Paperback. €10.00
4017 Shepherd, Ernie. Behind the Scenes - The Story of Whitechurch district in south County Dublin. Whitechurch Publications. 1983. Paperback. €20.00
3671 Shiel, Michael J. The Quiet Revolution: The Electrification of Rural Ireland, 1946-1976. O'Brien Press. 1984. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €25.00
4023 Spellissy, Sean. Window on Aran. The Book Gallery. 2003. Paperback. €12.50
3868 Stokes, Roy. Death in the Irish Sea: TheSinking of the R M S Leinster. Collins Press. 1998. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €30.00
3968 Sweetman, P. David. Some Late Seventeenth - to Late Eighteenth-Century Finds from Kilkenny Castle. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Volume 81, Section C, No 10. 1981. Pamphlet. €10.00
3876 Kevin Taylor & Keith Mumby. The Poisoned Tree; The untold truth about the police conspiracy to discredit John Stalker and destroy me. Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd. 1990. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €10.00
3818 Toibin, Colm. Walking along the border. Macdonald, Queen Anne Press. 1987. Paperback. €10.00
4025 Colm Toibin & Diarmaid Ferriter. The Irish Famine. Profile Books. 2001. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €10.00
3991 Toibin, Micheal. Enniscorthy: History and Heritage. New Island Books. 1998. Paperback. €10.00
3964 Van Wijngaarden-Bakker, Louise H. The Animal Remains from the Beaker Settlement at Newgrange Co. Meath. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy Volume 74, Section C, No 11. 1974. Pamphlet. €10.00
4000 John Waddell, J.W. O'Connell and Anne Korff. The Book of Aran. Tir Eolas. 1994. Hardcover c/w Dust Jacket. €50.00
3908 Woodcock, Caroline. An Officer's Wife in Ireland. Parkgate Publications. 1994. Paperback. €15.00
3970 Woodman, P.C. The Chronological Position of the Latest Phases of the Larnian. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Volume 74, Section C, No 7. 1974. Pamphlet. €10.00
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