3592 The Capuchin Annual 1966-1972 €450.00
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Saint Francis of Assisi Richard J. King Frontispiece
Sketches of Capuchin Life Grace Perry 3
Pilgrim of Peace to the United Nations’ Organisation 52
Church and State in the Present World Sidney Z. Ehler 53
The men who could outstare cobras Mervyn Wall 74
Ceremonies in Saint Peter’s Basilica when Ireland’s Primate became Ireland’s Seventh Cardinal 81
Shadow and Light Kevin Faller 85
Doctor Newman replies Liam Maher 88
The palace paths of Irish lanes James Lyons 96
Mountain Man Charles C. O’Connell 118
God be with you John P. Barton 122
Italy’s Saint Patrick’s Well Michael J. Harrington 123
Review of a unique book Father Berard, O.F.M. Cap. 127
Arthur Griffith Seán T. Ó Ceallaigh 132
1916 151
• Reimhrá 152
• Facsimile of the 1916 Proclamation 153
• Signatories of the Proclamation 154
• Map of Dublin City in 1916 168
• General Post Office Area Senator James Ryan 170
• Four Courts Area The Late Commandant Paddy Holohan 179
• The Mendicity Institution Area James J. Brennan 189
• Dublin City Hall Area Matt Connolly 193
• South Dublin Union Area “Volunteer” 201
• Jacob’s Factory Area Pádraig Ó Ceallaigh 214
• Saint Stephen’s Green Area Liam Ó Briain 219
• Boland’s Mill Area Commandant Joseph O’Connor 237
• The Surrender and After 254
• The Devastated City Centre after British Bombardment in 1916 259
• A Cumann na mBan recalls Easter Week Éilis Bean Ui Chonail 271
• Remembering Saint John’s Convent Seán Coady 279
• Personal Recollections The late Father Aloysius, O.F.M. Cap. 280
• A Rebel Remembers Éilis ni Chorra 292
• Éamonn Ceannt’s Last Message 301
• Seán MacDiarmada’s Last Letter 302
• Joseph Mary Plunkett’s Last Message 303
• Con Colbert Letter from the late Father Augustine, O.F.M. Cap. 304
• How Seán Heuston Died The late Father Albert, O.F.M. Cap. 305
• The Fight at Ashbourne Colonel Joseph Lawless 307
• Activities at Enniscorthy Seamus Ó Dubhghaill 317
• The Rising in Galway Mattie Nielan 324
• The Story of Limerick and Kerry in 1916 Mannix Joyce 327
• The Position in Cork Liam Ruiséal 371
• The Events in Belfast Denis McCullough 381
• Three Paintings Jack B. Yeats 385
• Three Historical Paintings by Jack B. Yeats Thomas MacGreevy 393
Galway’s New Cathedral Bertie Donohoe 399
The Encounter of Classical and Contemporary Philosophy Father Brendan, O.F.M. Cap. 408
The Primrose James W. Kelly 417
Pope Paul VI visits United Nations’ Organisation 418
Contributors’ Gallery 427
Association of Patrons of the Capuchin Annual 521
Our Lady of Fatima Richard J. King Frontispiece
Sketches of Capuchin Life Grace Perry 1
His Holiness Pope Paul VI with His Grace Archbishop Arthur Michael Ramsey 52
Existentialism Father Brendan, O.F.M. Cap. 53
Fact in Fancy Kevin Faller 71
Ireland Enchanting Reginald Walker, C.S.Sp. 74
Donal The Late Diarmuid Murphy 83
Bhéarsaí Nua Cillin Breathnach, O.C.S.O. 98
Ireland remembers with Pride, Easter Week 1916 in Jubilee Celebrations 101
The Station Father Victor Power 131
Olíte na mbreitiúna Brian Mac Giolla Pádraig 135
My First Trout Máirín Healy 149
Early Years in Irish America Sean Ó Kissane 151
The Ecumenical Movement 158
• History of the Ecumenical Movement Serge Bolshakoff 159
• World Council of Churches and Ecumenism William J. Sullivan, C.S.Sp. 171
• The Council and Unity Kevin McNamara 180
• The Presbyterians Robert McAfee Brown 186
• Methodism and the Growth of Ecumenism Robert A. Nelson 199
• Lutherans and Ecumenism Hans Dietrich Mittorp 206
• Anglicans and Ecumenism Maurice Carey 212
• Rome and Constantinople Michael T. Irvin 219
• Historic Encounter of Pope Paul VI and Archbishop Arthur Michael Ramsey, Anglican Primate, March 1966 230
• The Sects and Ecumenism Geoffrey Hand 237
• Ecumenism and the Monastic Life Eoin de Bhaldraithe 243
• The Ecumenical Spirit Michael Hurley, S.J. 251
• Chevetogne Thaddèe Barnas 259
The Return Dorothea Barclay 265
My Guardian Angel John P. Barton 269
A Tribute to a Scholar Friend Christopher Townley 270
The Five Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary Richard J. King 273
The Mother of God and the Rosary Father Augustine, O.F.M. Cap. 274
The Rise of the Swiss Confederation Father Paschal, O.F.M. Cap. 289
A Christian Poet in the Modern World Basil Payne 293
Jemser Daly and the Phooka Vincent J. Walker 302
Go My Songs James W. Kelly 306
Millennium Poloniae Sidney Z. Ehler 314
Letters of Recent Interest 326
Christmas Crib for the Home Constance M. Vickerman 336
Events of 1917 create a People with Hope of Freedom 337
• The North Roscommon Election Geraldine Plunkett Dillon 338
• Three By-Elections of 1917 Oliver Snoddy 341
• In English Prisons 1916-1917 Séamus Fitzgerald 348
• Prison Incidents Michael W. O’Reilly 355
• In Dungeons Deep Oliver Snoddy 358
• The Spirit of 1917 captured in Contemporary Pictures 363
• Re-organisation of the Irish Volunteers Florence O’Donoghue 380
• Thomas Ashe Seán O’Lúing 386
• Birth of the New Sinn Féin Thomas Dillon 394
• The Irish Volunteer Convention General Richard Mulcahy 400
Aisling Piaras F. MacLochlainn 411
The Return Julester Shrady Post 413
Thomas Kettle Beda Herbert 420
Ave Maria John P. Barton 427
Contributors’ Gallery 429
Association of Patrons of the Capuchin Annual 521
Queen conceived without sin Richard King Frontispiece
Sketches of Capuchin Life Grace Perry 3
His Holiness Pope Paul VI with Sister Lucia 52
Saint Francis and the Paintings in San Francesco Máirín Allen 53
Poet’s Diary James W. Kelly 65
Catholic Education in the United States of America John H. Ford 74
“Sparkling Gem of the Western Sea” 81
Church and World Michael Hurley, S.J. 107
Comments of the Foregoing Article John W. Armstrong, John M. Barkley, Father David, O.F.M. Cap., James Good, John Kirby 120
His Holiness Pope Paul VI Pays Historic Visit to Turkey 25 to 26 July, 1967 133
The First “Sinn Féin” Paper Neill Sheridan 140
Island in Bondage Charles C. O’Connell 145
Chateaubriand 1768 to 1848 Beda Herbert 151
The Miracle of America Father Paschal, O.F.M. Cap. 158
Pope Pius XII and the Jews Cecil Paul Hurwitz 169
Nazareth John P. Barton 174
D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson Christopher Townley 175
Education in my Time A. P. Kearney 179
Who carried a Fenian Gun Mannix Joyce 182
Neighbours’ Children Elizabeth May 212
The Visitation John P. Barton 216
Christian Faith in To-day’s World Patrick Masterson 217
Cork Harbour in Retrospect 1910-1920 Denis P. Casey 227
Self Portrait and a Poem Countess Markievicz 240
The Five Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary Richard King 241
“Where Word Wines Be” Kevin Faller 257
Seanscoileanna Leighis in Éireann Anallón Brian Mac Giolla Pádraig 260
Some Irish Engravers George Noble Count Plunkett 271
In Tribute to Thomas Mac Greevy Brian Coffey, Bryan MacMahon, Domhnall Ó Murchadha, Basil Payne, Ethna Waldron, Thomas Wall 277
Taizê Roger Schütz 303
Joseph Malachy Kavanagh Ethna Waldron 314
The Irish People Organize in 1918 to establish an Independent Ireland 328
Years of Resurgence Frank Gallagher 329
Out of the Flames Richard King 330
National Aid 1916-1917-1918 Oliver Snoddy 331
Volunteer “Actions” 1918 Florence O’Donoghue 340
Some Memories of the Irish Convention 1917-1918 Edward MacLysaght 345
The Irish Bishops and the Conscription Issue 1918 Father Ó Fiaich 351
Pictures relating to 1918 369
The “German Plot” Seán Ó Luing 377
Conscription and the General Headquarters’ General Richard Mulcahy 382
The General Election 1918 Thomas P. O’Neill 396
Contributors’ Gallery 405
Association of Patrons of the Capuchin Annual 497
Saint Virgilius Richard King Frontispiece
Sketches of Capuchin Life Grace Perry 3
Il Reverendo Padre Pio, O.F.M. Cap. Da Pietrelcina 52
“A Valiant Woman” Éamonn de Barra 53
Prisoners’ Experiences Fintan Brennan 57
Franciscan Poverty Brendan O’Mahony, O.F.M. Cap. 65
Their Majesties King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola of Belgium pay State Visit to Ireland 14th to 17th May, 1968 81
Peace has its Victories Beda Herbert 98
“In a Heart Remembrance” Kevin Faller 108
Mountain Monastery J. S. Doran 112
Our Most Illustrious Heritage 114
• The Monastic Life of Early Christian Ireland Tomás Ó Fiaich 116
• Early Irish Spirituality Diarmuid Ó Laoghaire, S.J. 135
• Early Irish-German Associations John Ryan, S.J. 148
• The Deeper Level of Early Irish Literature James Carney 160
• Stone Sculpture in Pre-Norman Ireland Domhnall Ó Murchadha 172
• The Art of Early Irish Illumination Etienne Rynne 201
• Pre-Historic Art in Ireland Breandán Ó Riordán 223
Brother Officer Charles C. O’Connell 233
Wondersight Charles C. O’Connell 235
Rosa i dTig a Sean-Atar Nicholás Tóibín 236
The Five Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary Richard King 241
The Joyce Brothers of Glenosheen Mannix Joyce 257
“Down Wine Riched Meadows” James W. Kelly 288
The Tragedy of Czechoslovakia under Communist Rule Sidney Z. Ehler 297
Irishmen Proclaim their Lawful Democratic Rights and Organise to Protect Them 322
• Dail Éireann Seamus Ó Ríain 323
• Important Letter of 1919 330
• The Importance of Dail Éireann Michael Hayes 336
• Chief of Staff-1919 General Richard Mulcahy 340
• Two Pictures 353
• The Irish Volunteers’ Intelligence Organisation Seán Kavanagh 354
• Michael Collins’s Squad William J. Stapleton 368
• The Republican Courts Conor A. Maguire 378
• Ireland and the Paris Peace Conference 1919 Oliver Snoddy 389
Contributors’ Gallery 403
Association of Patrons of the Capuchin Annual 485
Ireland’s Homage Henry Clarke Studios Frontispiece
Sketches of Capuchin Life Grace Perry 3
The American Astronauts Land on the Moon (picture) 52
The Irish Harp Beda Herbert 53
Love among the Ledgers Michael O’Beirne 66
Graignamanagh Abbey Kilian Walsh, O. Cist. 73
“Fairy Places Dreamed in Sleep” James Lyons 81
Thomas Martin and the Founding of Sinn Féin R. M. McEvatt 97
Have You No Anger? James W. Kelly 114
View From A Bungalow Elizabeth May 128
Secularization Brendan O’Mahony, O.F.M. Cap. 133
Two Poems Robert Dwyer-Joyce 143
The Church and Want Paulinus Cahill, O.F.M. Cap. 145
His Holiness Pope Paul VI Visits Uganda 156
The Church and the Workers 166
The Irish Background of Daniel Maclise John Turpin 177
A Minor Incident Sylvester O’Flynn, O.F.M. Cap. 195
An “Grammatica Celtica”, A Culra agus a Hudar Pádraig Ó Riain 200
City Crowds Liam Brophy 205
Two Poems Liam Brophy and J. S. Doran 206
The Revison of the Treaties of the Lateran Sidney Z. Ehler 208
Pensive Patterns Kevin Faller 221
The Irish Volunteers in 1920 Engage in Arms the Forces of Britain and Break Britain’s Centuries Old Stranglehold on Ireland 225
• Sinn Féin Party 1916-1921 Michael Laffan 227
• President Éamon de Valera’s Mission to the United States of America 1919-1920 Seán Nunan 236
• The People Backed the Movement 1920 Geraldine Counahan 250
• Tipperary’s Fight in 1920 Father Colmcille, O. Cist. 255
• Clare 1920 An tAthair Séamus Ó Deá 276
• Limerick 1920 Mannix Joyce 287
• Kerry’s Activities 1920 Liam MacGowan 304
• Some West Cork Engagements 1920-1921 Tom Barry 310
• Some Activities in Cork City 1920-1921 Liam Russell 332
• North Cork – 1920 Pat Lynch 351
• East Cork – 1920 Seamus Fitzgerald 360
• Three Paintings of Ireland’s Fight for Freedom 369
• The Decies Brigade – 1920 James Mansfield 377
• Galway 1920-1921 Martin Dolan 384
• Mayo and Sligo 1920 George Maguire 396
• The Story of Leitrim 1920-1921 Veronica McCarthy 400
• Some Roscommon Actions – 1920-1921 Father T. J. Lavin 405
• The North in 1920 Ambrose Macaulay 415
• Donegal and the War of Independence Major-General Joseph A. Sweeney 425
• Monaghan 1920 “A. Monaghan” 445
• Pictures of the Period 447
• Aspects of English Rule in Ireland Oliver Snoddy 469
• The Catholic Clergy and the Independence Movement Tomás Ó Fiaich 480
• The Irish Bulletin Kathleen McKenna 503
• Dublin – 1920 Liam O’Doherty 528
• Kevin Barry Seán Cronin 533
• Meath – 1920 Seán Boylan 540
• Some Activities in Westmeath – 1920 Séamus O’Meara 548
• Longford Brigade, Ballinalee – 1920 Seán Mac Eoin 554
• Kildare Battalion – 1920 Michael Smyth 564
• Events in Wexford – 1920 Richard Roche 574
• Events in Carlow – 1920-1921 William Nolan 582
• Wicklow – 1920 Matt Kavanagh 589
Contributors’ Gallery 595
Association of Patrons of the Capuchin Annual 673
Saint Laurence O’Toole Richard King Frontispiece
Sketches of Capuchin Life Grace Perry 3
The Late General Charles de Gaulle with President Éamon de Valera 52
Beyond Babel Arthur C. Clarke 53
Mourne Sunset Joseph S. Doran 58
Man of Faith Leona Garrity 59
Johnson Kieran O’Driscoll, O.F.M. Cap. 78
Dusty Trumpet Michael O’Beirne 79
Many Splendoured Land 81
Liam Ó Maolrúanaidh 1873-1901 Pádraig Óg Ó Conaire 99
Aspects of Broadcasting Liam Nolan 107
Isaac Hecker and an Encyclical Reginald Walker, C.S. Sp. 111
Horse Racing and the Irish Horse Michael O’Farrell 117
Museums and Our National Heritage G.A. Hayes-McCoy 128
Incredible Mission Father David, O.F.M. Cap. 136
Lament for Bull Island Kevin Faller 142
The Case of the Warden’s Hand Martin Coen 145
John Field 1782-1837 Michael Bowles 149
Irishmen and the Franco-German, 1870-71 Dónall Ó Lúanaigh 155
M. J. MacManus Veronica McCarthy 164
As Wakes from Sleep James W. Kelly 172
The Question of the Holy Places in Palestine Sidney Z. Ehler 183
The Mother “D. Riordan” 196
Augustus Saint-Gaudens Oliver Snoddy 197
Seven Irish Saints Richard King 209
Aerial Mapping and Remote Sensing Desmond O’Connor 225
Arthur Griffith and His Early Sinn Féin Policies R. MacEvatt 232
Some Sources of Modern Atheism Brendan E. O’Mahony, O.F.M. Cap. 239
Slippery Jack Intercepts Sylvester O’Flynn, O.F.M. Cap. 254
Storm on the Coast Robert Dwyer-Joyce 260
Labour and the National Struggle Arthur Mitchell 261
Government of Ireland Act, 1920 Ambrose Macaulay 289
Britain’s Prime Minister Proposes Peace Negotiations to Ireland’s President 297
• The Truce Oliver Snoddy 298
• The Delegates of the Two Governments 305
• In London with the Treaty Delegates Kathleen Napoli McKenna 313
• The Anglo-Irish Treaty and Why They Signed T. Ryle Dwyer 333
Saint Laurence O’Toole Liam Howlett 373
The Norman Invasion Richard Roche 387
Contributors’ Gallery 411
Association of Patrons of the Capuchin Annual 473
Queen of Peace Richard King Frontispiece
Sketches of Capuchin Life Grace Perry 3
Mountain Stream on the Healy Pass, Co. Cork 36
Under Attack – The Quality of Irish Life Liam Nolan 37
Violence, Non-violence and Christianity Brendan E. O’Mahony, O.F.M. Cap. 40
New Light on Old Dublin Breandán Ó Riordán 53
Weed Gatherers J.S. Doran 64
The Bells of Pluscarden Ring Out Again G. Allan Little 65
Mountain Corn J.S. Doran 73
A Mother, A Child Elizabeth Payne 74
The Irish School of Ecumenics Michael Hurley, S.J. 77
Austria – From Empire to Nation Donal Brennan 81
“With Singing Words” Myles O’Farrell 99
Liam Mellows C. Desmond Greaves 109
An Irish Rural Parish T.J. Walsh 118
Painted by the Heart Charles C. O’Connell 142
Some Religious and Social Consequences of the Reformation Father Pascal Larkin, O.F.M. Cap. 147
It’s a Long Road Sylvester O’Flynn, O.F.M. Cap. 162
T.S. Elliott and Modern Verse Drama Basil Payne 166
The Capuchins in Dublin, Father Conrad, O.F.M. Cap. 171
Páircín na Scairte Diarmuid Ó Tuama 201
Awe Kevin Faller 203
Visual Education in an Irish Environment Máirín Allan 204
Achill Michael O’Farrell 214
Mrs. Taylor’s Decision Elizabeth May 221
Scriptural Titles of Mary, The Mother of God Richard King 225
Ireland and the Paris Commune 1871 Donal Ó Luanaig 233
Memory Lyrics Kevin Faller 247
Michael Collins Michael Hayes 251
Holy Cross Abbey William Hayes 286
Remembering Seán Ó Riada Séorse Bodley 302
The Spanish Concordat – An Anachronism? Sidney Ehler 305
Agreement in London – Disagreement in Dublin 314
• From the Bridge to the Abyss Oliver Snoddy 315
• “Britain’s New State” Ambrose Macaulay 351
• The Irish Labour Movement and the Foundation of the State Arthur Mitchell 362
Contributors’ Gallery 377
Association of Patrons of the Capuchin Annual 409